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A matchup to keep a close eye on the Friday of the third weekend of the Call of Duty League Major 2 Qualifiers will be the defending Major 1 Champion New York Subliners against Vegas Legion. Both teams have played respectably throughout the Boston Major, but each player has to find a way to step up and help lead their teams to wins in this one.

The Subliners sit 2-1, which is good for 4th place as we enter the final weekend of qualifiers before entering Group Play. They found two big wins against the LA Thieves and Florida Mutineers and were slightly edged out by Atlanta FaZe. 

For the Subliners, HyDra, Priestahh, and KISMET have been absolutely frying, led by HyDra, who has an overall K/D of 1.20. He's been dominant on Hardpoint and Control, but SnD is where he struggles to find kills - as does the rest of the team. Sitting at 10-9 on the season, SnD is easily their biggest struggle. 

On the contrary, Legion has dominated SnD. Having an overall record of 14-5 in the game mode, they've been disgusting, with TjHaLy hitting 28.1% of SnD 1st Bloods. As a team, they have an average SnD K/D of 1.33, which is just ridiculous.

In other game modes, Legion has struggled. Temp has been carrying them through matches outside of SnD. He has an overall K/D of 1.11 in Major 2, which is the only positive overall K/D on the team. There is a lot they need to clean up if they will knock off the Subliners as they look to win back-to-back Majors.

5 Things New York Subliners Have To Do Win?

  1. Limit the fast play of Legion on SnD
  2. Get quick kills on SnD
  3. Beat Legion up on Hardpoint and Control
  4. Stay off of Asilo
  5. Get Skyz back on track

New York Subliners Lose to Atlanta FaZe Last Weekend

5 Things Vegas Legion Have To Do Win?

  1. Get more map win consistency
  2. Continue to dominate SnD
  3. Slow rushes down in Hardpoint
  4. Get better control of hills
  5. Get Clayster out of his funk

Vegas Legion Lose to London Royal Ravens Last Weekend

How to Watch Call of Duty League

To watch the Call of Duty League in 2023, tune into their Twitch channel.

Updated Call of Duty League Power Rankings

  1. Toronto Ultra
  2. Atlanta FaZe
  3. New York Subliners
  4. OpTic Texas
  5. Florida Mutineers
  6. Los Angeles Thieves
  7. Vegas Legion
  8. Boston Breach
  9. Los Angeles Gurrillas
  10. Minnesota RØkkr
  11. Seattle Surge
  12. London Royal Ravens