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The vibes in Arlington, Texas, were off the charts to start the Friday of Call of Duty League action as fans prepare for Los Angeles Guerrillas to kick off the day against the Vegas Legion.

LAG is coming off of a hard-fought battle against the red-hot Seattle Surge, where they took the L 3-2. So you know they are coming out firing to stay in Major 3

Before the match begins - boos start raining down over LAG after recent events inside the organization.

The match started at Hardpoint Embassy, where LAG has been played pretty even, having four wins and three losses this year. However, it was far from even as they lost 250-124.

Next up - SnD on Hotel. LAG has been decent so far this year on SnD but has struggled on the map. And struggle they did, dropping the round 6-0.

Here's where the fun starts. LAG make a substitution before the SnD round and brought in one of the fan favorites, who retired on May 24, 2018, and is now the Coach for LAG, MarkyB.

It's not ideal getting put on a Fortress Control round. It's even less ideal being down one of Call of Duty League's most prolific players: Arcitys. 

It's unclear what happened with Arcitys. There was some talk around the event that he wasn't feeling good and couldn't continue. MarkyB also tweeted, "Thanks to the supporters. This week has been the hardest one of my life. Most importantly, I hope @Arcitys is ok. Good luck to everyone in the rest."

MarkyB struggled in the SnD round but held his own on one of the most frustrating maps, having 13 kills and 13 deaths, dealing 1519 damage, and capturing five zone tiers, as LAG went on to win the round 3-1.

The fun didn't last long, though. MarkyB was then replaced by Spart, who did all he could in the Mercado Hardpoint, but it wasn't enough to hold down the Legion.

LAG goes down 250-213 to end their tournament run. Time to regain and get ready for the next event.