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Miami Heretics Revealed they will take Florida Mutineers' spot in CDL

The Florida Mutineers give way to the Miami Heretics in the Call of Duty League.
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The anticipation has come to an end with the official revelation of the Miami Heretics Call of Duty League brand, marking the fruition of the partnership between the Florida Mutineers and Team Heretics.

Under this rebranding, the Florida Mutineers brand will be retired, making way for the Miami Heretics to step into the spotlight as a result of the collaboration between the two entities.

Announced through a post on the organization's official X (Twitter account), this move had been a topic of assumption, but now all uncertainties have been settled.

The process of trademarking the new brand commenced on April 17, undertaken by the same company responsible for the Florida Mutineers' trademark, as previously stated.

Originally slated to be unveiled post-CDL Major 4, the announcement was subject to delay until August 24.

The new Miami Heretics roster leaves only Javier "Vikul" Milagro to continue from the previous season as the sole Spanish player. He will be joined by three other Spanish players who had previously represented Heretics in 2019 - Alejandro "Lucky" López, Adrian "MettalZ" Serrano, and Juan "JurNii" Antonio González Muñoz. The lineup will also feature Eric "EriKBooM" Ferrer, Noel Garberi and Jorge "MethodZ" Bancells. The roles of the latter two will be that of coaches. EriKBooM's position remains undetermined at this juncture—whether he will serve as a substitute or a starter over the abovementioned players.

The Florida Mutineers' performance in the CDL has been lackluster, yielding limited positive outcomes since its beginning. Apart from their debut season, during which they clinched victory in three Home Series events, the team has struggled to achieve significant success, and the 2023 season mirrored this trend, resulting in a low standing and a second consecutive absence from the CDL Championship.

The Misfits Gaming Group owns the Florida Mutineers, a company that has previously engaged in transactions with Heretics. Notably, Heretics acquired Misfits' League of Legends LEC slot in the summer of 2022. The two organizations, namely the Miami Heretics, will collaborate on this fresh endeavor.