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MW2 2022 Maps Coming to Modern Warfare 3 in Post-Launch Seasons

Fan-favorite maps from MW2 2022 are coming to MW3

Modern Warfare 3’s release is less than two weeks away and hype has never been higher. With new content, gameplay changes and OG maps returning, everyone is excited for the latest iteration in the Call of Duty franchise. We already knew that a lot of content from Modern Warfare 2 would be carried over, with Operators, Weapons and more coming from MW2 to MW3. However, today it was revealed that a number of fan-favorite maps from MW2 will also be coming to Modern Warfare 3 in post launch seasons.

Modern Warfare 2 Maps Coming to MW3

Sledgehammer Games revealed in a blog today that multiple fan-favorite maps from MW2 will be coming to MW3 in post-launch seasons. This includes maps such as Farm 18, Mercado and Shoot House. However, these maps will only be available in a dedicated playlist.

They also revealed that more maps will come in the following seasons. These maps will be “graphically identical to how they appeared in MW2”, but will feature the updated movement and gameplay mechanics in MW3. This could completely change how these maps play, and while they may look the same they might feel completely different.

MW3 In-game image

This is an interesting discussion as many professional players complained about the movement in MW2, as well as the lack of red dots. So maybe these maps will play much better with these improvements that are coming in Modern Warfare 3.

These maps do not take away from the guaranteed additional maps coming in Modern Warfare 3’s seasons, so we are guaranteed to see lots of additional content this year. However, this does raise the question of if we will see more maps from previous games come back this year. While we know all 16 launch maps are remakes of the original Modern Warfare 2, we could see maps from other games return. With Sledgehammer Games being the developers, we may see maps from their titles such as Advanced Warfare and WW2 return as remasters this year.

Modern Warfare 3 launches on November 10th, and with the upgrades in movement and gameplay mechanics, 16 maps at launch and much more, we’re excited to get our hands on it.