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Royal Ravens Asim On Team Growth And Overall CDL Talent Level

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The London Royal Ravens haven't had the year they had hoped for in the 2023 Call of Duty League. But their star player hasn't let that deter him from making play after play for his team. We sat down with Obaid "Asim" Asim to talk about the season and what he does best in the CDL.

Tell us a little bit about yourself before we hop into some of these questions.

My name is Asim. It's my last name and also my gamertag. I've had this gamertag since I was like 9 years old, and I've been competing in Call of Duty for four years.

How do you feel that you've played throughout this year? You've definitely had a lot of great highlight moments. What do you think has gone right for you this year?

I don't know. It might be because I'm in my Jordan year. It might be because I just, I've been really matured into the league and I feel like this is the year that I felt most comfortable in terms of playmaking and just establishing myself in the league.

Obviously, the season hasn't gone exactly how you wanted it to, or the team has wanted it to. What are you still working on throughout the season to finish the year strong?

Just like every day working on our teamwork and our chemistry, really. We have half American players and half European players. So chemistry is obviously a thing that we've been lacking all year long and our overall teamwork really. I think when it comes to the league, everyone is so competitive and everyone can shoot straight, and everyone is really good at what they do. So it all comes down and just working together and being cohesive.

You guys had a few roster moves. The roster looks a little bit different than it was starting the year. Take us through how roster changes you know affect you in particular.

When it comes to my pace and how fast I play, I needed to be used to what my teammates are doing and when we're constantly making changes to try to make the team better, it takes an adjustment to try to figure out what these new teammates tendencies have and what they like to do and stuff like that. So it only takes a matter of time. So I definitely do think that whenever we do make pickups, it does affect me, but it shouldn't. It doesn't really affect me for long. It's just for like a little bit of an adjustment period.

Uli is one of the newest ones that has come to the London Royal Ravens. How's that chemistry looking as you move forward here?

It's been looking good. Uli has always been a great kid. He's been just putting his head down and grinding and we've all been doing the same. So we're just trying to make sure that the work we put in comes out to show at the event.

Name a Call of Duty League player, past or present, that you haven't played with and that's not on your team right now, and that you would love to be as your duo.

It would probably be one of the Tiny Terrors, like Simp or aBeZy. I think those two are just really talented, and I think they just been a bailout in so many situations. So experiencing what it is like to scimm with them every day and take some pointers or just see how they work about situations. I think that'd be really good. Yeah, I'd probably say one of them.