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Ashika Island is a blend of moody grayness and stunning architecture. Within this new DMZ map is a Rusted Fridge. This doesn’t sound appealing but it’s actually one of the mysterious locations you may want to look into next time you drop in.

DMZ mode is full of strange and mysterious locations that add an extra challenge to your next excursion. The goal is to find the key, use it to access these locations, and then extract with the loot you’ve uncovered. Here’s how to do just that — Rusted Fridge edition.

Where To Find The Rusted Fridge Key in DMZ Mode

The first step is to find the key. There are many keys throughout Al Mazrah and all of them — including the one for the Rusted Fridge — are random. This means it’ll take a bit of luck to find the key but there are some spots to check.

The Rusted Fridge Key is most commonly found inside of crates and other containers hidden around the map or dropped by a High-Value Target. You can also loot eliminated enemies. None of these things are a guarantee, however.

Where To Find the Rusted Fridge

Once you’ve secured the key, you can use it to open the Rusted Fridge.

The Rusted Fridge is a locked container on Ashika Island. It’s in the southernmost point of the entire island along the coast. So head to the area between the Beach Club and Port Ashika.

Here, you’ll come across a dock. Go to the backside of the building and jump into the water. Like many other containers, you’ll need to swim underwater to find it. It’ll be easy to spot thanks to its white outline in the otherwise dark water.

CoD Warzone DMZ - Rusted Fridge

Finding the Rusted Fridge

The Rusted Fridge has randomized loot inside of it ranging from weapons to cash. It’s a bit on the smaller side so you won’t find a huge amount of stuff inside. But it’s still worthy of a good treasure hunt.

To keep what you found in the Rusted Fridge, head to a Dead Drop and deposit currency and items with any worth. They will be exchanged into XP. Then safely extract from Ashika Island to keep anything else you grabbed. If you are eliminated, all will be lost — so be careful.