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The Call of Duty League Major 5 qualifiers have begun as teams prepare to head to Toronto for their Major at the end of May. The hosts of Major 5 took a 3-0 victory over Seattle Surge tonight, securing them their spot at the 2023 Call of Duty League Championship Weekend. Here’s how they did it.

Ultra Sweep Surge; Secure Champs Qualification

Toronto Ultra came out hot in map one of this series. Seattle Surge is always a tough opponent for Ultra, seeing the two trade series this season with a 1-1 record. However, Hotel has been Toronto Ultra’s playground this year, and they kicked off the series with a 250-168 Hardpoint victory. Jamie ‘Insight’ Craven led the line with 27K/18D, seeing him top the leaderboard with a 1.50 K/D, the highest in the lobby. The map was back and forth to begin, but Ultra began to take over towards the end of the first rotation, and never looked back as they took a 1-0 lead in the series.

Ultra extended their lead in the series to 2-0 with a 6-3 victory on Embassy Search and Destroy. Here, the entire Toronto Ultra team looked extremely composed, and their great teamwork led them to the map victory. Thomas ‘Scrap’ Ernst topped the leader board with 9k/5d for a 1.80 K/D, however, Insight also continued his excellent map one performance with a 1.40 K/D here as he closed out the final round with all three kills in a 2v3 situation.

An unbelievably quick Hotel Control map three saw Toronto Ultra take a 3-0 victory to sweep the series. Scrappy was at the top of his game in this final map, as he completely dominated, seeing him put up 27k/18d with a 1.50 K/D, while every member of Seattle Surge ended the map with a negative K/D.

This was a great rebound series from Toronto Ultra. Following a disappointing result at Major 4, Ultra bounced back in the qualifiers for their home Major event and confirmed their spot at Champs. Unfortunately for Seattle Surge, this is a disappointing result. With OpTic Texas, Boston Breach and Las Vegas Legion still to play in Major 5 qualifiers, the games don’t get any easier for Surge. The team could be in danger of a lower bracket start at the Major.