The Dread Faction Explained — The Final Shape Guide

The Dread Faction has six new enemies joining Destiny 2.
The Dread Faction has six new enemies joining Destiny 2. /

In the Destiny 2 expansion, The Final Shape, there are many new things to discover such as new weapons. new abilities, and even a new enemy faction. While not much is known about The Dread faction, there is some vital information you can take with you on your adventures through this expansion.

Who Are The Dread in Destiny 2?

The Dread Faction Husk unit in The Final Shape of Destiny 2.
The Husk is being displayed as one of the Dread faction's units. /

While there's not much that is known about The Dread so far, one thing that's certain is that they are a challenging enemy. In fact, aside from a couple select bosses, the only Dread faction unit you may have encountered until now would be the Tormentor.

However, this DLC will give you six new Dread enemies to go defeat. These new units include the Grim, Husk, Attendant, Harbinger, Omen, and Weaver. They will utilize Darkness abilities against you making this new enemy game-changing. Never underestimate any of the following's abilities and always come prepared with your strongest weapons.

  • Grim: You may know this one as 'Gun Bat'. Luckily, unlike other enemies who can fly that you've encountered, you can inflict critical damage by shooting their head. However, keep in mind there is an unpredictability element to this enemy when it comes to movement. It also has a debuff similar to that of the Pervading Darkness debuff.
  • Weavers and Harbingers: Be prepared for both to use Strand abilities which will either suspend you in the air or pull you randomly around. The fact they can also cast Threadlings makes them even more dangerous to face.
  • Husks: This enemy utilizes melee attacks and will have a critical point on their chest. When you kill them, they will send a Geist of Darkness. The Geist of Darkness will seek players that are near before detonating. They may not be as tough as other enemies, but they do get the upper hand when they release Geists.
  • Attendants and Omen: These enemies are actually specialized in ranged and melee that utilizes Stasis abilities. There will be one that persistently slows players while the other covers the area with some Stasis Crystals. These crystals will limit where you can walk by blocking your way.

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