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5 Fighting Game Franchises That Need A Revival

Now that Fatal Fury is finally coming back, let's look at other fighting game series that need to make a return. Some are recent highpoints, others are classics that need the 21st-century glow-up.

With Fatal Fury/Garou coming back and rumblings of a Virtua Fighter revival as well, there's never been a better time to be a fighting game fan. But that doesn't mean that every series from the genre's heyday has seen a return. There's plenty of fighting games that could benefit from today's current fighting game trends and sensibilities. So here's a selection of games that would be great to play if they were rebooted.

One of the best crossover games of the 2010's
A companion game to Virtua Fighter that never got it's due.
Capcom's best attempt at a 3D fighting game.
For 1997 it was shockingly violent, but innovative.
Just. Make. It. Capcom.