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Underdogs defying expectations, bitter rivalries turned into lasting friendships, building it so that they will come — sports movies are great. They turn the unique human drama of competition into a gripping and emotional story of triumph, perseverance and the rewards of hard work.

When it comes to storylines, there's little difference between sports and esports. Everything that makes the greatest sports movies memorable exists in the big moments throughout esports history. It's past time for Hollywood to create a sports movie about esports. While there are dozens of miracles runs and legendary players across the industry, the best place to start is with the scrappy underdog of the entire ecosystem — the Fighting Game Community. The one-on-one nature, the decades of history, the frequency of in-person battles and the number of larger-than-life personalities make the FGC a treasure trove of script ideas.

If Hollywood wants a few fresh ideas, here are five of the best to start with:

5. LI Joe's Run at Evo 2016

One of the things that makes the FGC so special is that no team manager or club owner can decide you've been playing for too long. LI Joe has been a prominent member of the FGC for years with notable placings on Liquipedia as far back as 2009. While there is plenty of Joe's story worth telling, the casual observer will most likely remember him from a legendary run at Evo 2016 — the first year to feature Street Fighter V. 

Americans simply don't win Evo in Street Fighter. From Third Strike onward, there have been plenty of runners-up, but no American has ever claimed the title. Of course, LI Joe didn't win either, but Cool Runnings is a great movie so hear me out.

Joe defied expectations by even making it into Top 8 at Evo 2016. By the time he was the only American left in the bracket, the entire crowd was behind him, willing the FGC veteran to survive one more round. Throughout the whole thing, Joe's bombastic, mustachioed father was hyping up both his son and the crowd in one of the most entertaining and wholesome displays from a supportive esports parent. Fathers and sons, underdogs and an old-school player getting another chance in the spotlight — what more could you want?

4. Super Smash Bros. Melee at Evo 2013

It's never going to happen because of Nintendo, but let's dream a little (or do it with a copyright-free stand-in company).

Melee is a beautiful game that has survived more hardship than any other esport. It has been actively held back at every turn by Nintendo but endures to this day because it's just too good to die. Evo 2013 is a perfect example of this phenomenon. That year, Evo held a contest for its last slot, allowing the game that raised the most money for charity to become a mainline title. Getting a chance to showcase their game on the biggest stage the FGC had to offer, Melee fans rallied together to raise nearly $100 thousand US American real-world dollars. 

The amount of effort it took to grow a community that had already seen its title replaced by a sequel in the eyes of the casual fan would be worthy of a success story in its own right. But even after its most ardent supporters did something objectively good in the world, Nintendo still tried to prevent the Melee community from receiving its reward. It's a true story of love of the game versus corporate control.

3. The Kings of Marvel

Marvel vs Capcom is an insane franchise. There's just so much happening on the screen, but the players who have worked to master it can create something truly beautiful. Marvel 3 ruled Evo for a time, and its champions are diverse lineup of fascinating characters. 

From Justin Wong to ChrisG to KaneBlueRiver, an ensemble film about the people who mastered Marvel would be amazing. Imagine getting to watch the JWong barrel roll captured in full cinematic glory, or the East Coast vs West Coast rivalries played out on the big screen.

Plus, someone would have to play IFC Yipes, and there is perhaps no one in all of esports that deserves a cinematic portrayal more than this man.

2. SonicFox vs Go1

DragonBall FighterZ was a pivotal moment for the FGC. The strength of the IP and quality of its gameplay combined with a surprising amount of developer support brought the best players from all corners of the fighting game scene together to test their skills in a way no other genre has really ever allowed.

From almost the very beginning, two names emerged to dominate the early years of DBFZ, their rivalry growing into something that transcended a simple argument about who was better. Both SonicFox and GO1 were well-respected titans of their preferred games, but neither had ruled a game that stood at the forefront of the FGC like Street Fighter or Marvel. When DBFZ took over the FGC in 2018, both players got a chance to prove that not only had they always had what it took, but they could win against the best that every other scene within the FGC had to offer.

Two players from opposite ends of the world growing in fame and power due to the strength of their rival — SonicFox vs GO1 quickly became the most engaging drama in all of esports.

1. Daigo Umehara Biopic

Any discussion about FGC storylines would be incomplete without singing the song of The Beast. Before Faker, there was Daigo, and there just might be Daigo after Faker as well. The man who created the infamous Evo Moment #37 has a greater legacy of dominance than any competitor in the history of esports. 

Just last year, at over 40 years old, Daigo returned to the Evo Top 8 stage for the last competition in Street Fighter V. When you are the unquestioned Greatest of All Time, your story simply must be told. Heck, Daigo already has a manga telling his story. 

There are hundreds of storylines, rivalries, and big moments we could discuss here, but it's simply fact that the true Michael Jordan of Esports is the best candidate for a biopic that the space has to offer.