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Brawlhalla’s 2023 Heatwave event splashes in with an assortment of summer-themed skins, avatars, and more! Enjoy some beach-themed tunes, with seasonal music blasting on the main menu and character select screens. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the new Water Bomb Bash game mode!

What Skins are in Heatwave 2023? Skins:

Skins make up the bulk of new cosmetic items, and they require purchasing Mammoth Coins, Brawlhalla’s premium currency. Each skin costs between 140 to 200 Mammoth Coins, which translates to around $6-10 USD per skin.

Skins in Brawlhalla Heatwave 2023

The featured list of skins and their prices are:

  • Cockatiel Munin – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Sea Krait Nai – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Deep Sea Lucien – 200 Mammoth Coins
  • Vraxxy Jones – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Riptide Petra – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Beachside Zariel – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Island Azoth – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Hotshot Vector – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Brawl Dad Isaiah – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Thor by the Shore – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Pool Party Diana – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Water Wars Cross – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Atlantean Orion – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Dog Days Mordex – 140 Mammoth Coins
  • Wipeout Nix – 140 Mammoth Coins


For those who want to feel the Summer vibes without putting a dent in their real-life wallet, every Legend has a Heat Wave skin that’s purchasable for 1500 coins, Brawlhalla’s free in-game currency.


This event comes with two far-out avatars for players to show off their summer spirit.

You can spend 6,000 coins, to pick up the Ice Kor-eam avatar! This is a refreshing reference for anyone who’s seen character-themed popsicles spend a little too much time in the sun.

There’s also the appropriately named Endless Heat Wave avatar. This animated surfing icon can be yours for the cost of 60 Mammoth Coins, around $2 USD.

KO Effects:

Pick up the Hot Lava KO effect for a molten eruption every time you send an opponent flying into the blastzone. Don’t worry, they’re (probably) fine!


Kick back and relax with the new Beachside Break emote. Perfect for showing your opponent just how easy this brawl is.


Last but certainly not least, the Heatwave 2023 Podium stands tall as a tiki hut tower. This podium shows both in character select and the post-match screen, for Legends to triumphantly stand upon following their victory.