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Dragon Ball FighterZ Rollback Beta Test — How to Join, Dates

Dragon Ball FighterZ players can now take part in the Rollback Beta Test after much anticipation.

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s developers initially announced rollback netcode in the summer of 2022 at Evo. The news was met with excitement from the FGC since rollback netcode improves online gameplay by making the connection smoother and input response faster. Unfortunately, it was then silent from Bandai Namco.

Now, the Rollback Beta Test is almost upon us.

When Is the Dragon Ball FighterZ Rollback Beta Test?

The Dragon Ball FighterZ Rollback Beta Test is starting on November 30, 2023 and will last until December 11, 2023.

The beta was initially announced on Twitter by Bandai’s Game Producer Tomoko Hiroki. She initially apologized for making fans wait but stated that the team is “grateful” they stuck around. Fans responded with memes joking about how long they waited for this, some adding that they never thought it would actually happen.

"We have been working hard to build a satisfying environment and now we are finally ready to share it with you," she said.

How to Join the Dragon Ball FighterZ Rollback Beta Test

In order to join the beta test, you’ll need to own Dragon Ball FighterZ on Steam. The testing is only available for PC players that purchased the game on Steam.

FGC Applauds Dragon Ball FighterZ Rollback Netcode

The Bandai Namco team has been working on Dragon Ball FighterZ’s rollback netcode for over a year now. But it’s well worth the wait for most gamers.

Competitive fighters rely heavily on accurate and smooth internet access to ensure that matches are competitively viable and result in the same outcome as a LAN tournament. Rollback netcode reduces delay and latency, allowing for a smoother match that feels roughly the same as an in-person match for top players. Games with bad rollback netcode rely on mods and other outside methods in order to be considered competitively viable online.

With rollback netcode so big of a deal for fighting games, it’s better late than never for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Stay tuned to find out exactly how the rollback netcode beta went with participants. It may not go perfectly but fans of the fighting game are excited at the possibilities.