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Elphelt Joins Guilty Gear Strive in Game Awards Reveal

You can now play Elphelt Valentine the gunslinger fans love to hate in Guilty Gear Strive

Already spoiled by leaks and eventually confirmed by Bandai Namco - Asia, the next character coming to Guilty Gear Strive is Elphelt Valentine. At The Game Awards we got our first looks of the character in motion and like Johnny before her she’s just familiar enough for her fans.

Elphelt is available in Guilty Gear Strive on December 8

She’s received a near-total redesign visually but most of her gameplay ideas centered around zoning. In Guilty Gear Xrd, Elphelt was one of the game’s premier ranged fighters and it looks like she’ll keep some of that game plan while having some additional options for close-ranged combat. If this puts her in the same bracket as Axl or Happy Chaos as a ranged first fighter is yet to be seen.

Who is Elphelt in Guilty Gear?

In terms of the story, Elphelt is one of the “Valentines” created by Happy Chaos like her “sister”, Ramlethal. She’s obsessed with love and marriage and tries everything to get someone to hitch her as soon as possible. In addition to her smitten nature, she’s also now a rock singer who’s got the ability to shift her voice in…interesting ways. Also, her microphone itself is what transforms into her weapon and even takes the shape of a marriage license at one point.

She’s available on December 8th for everyone who’s purchased the Season 3 Pass.