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After a slew of information at their panel at Evo, the GranBlue Fantasy Versus team talked about some of the new features coming to the game. In addition to the new characters, on screen frame data (for training) and new costumes, you’ll now have the ability to rank per character online in Rising.

In the online rankings, when you rank up currently you stay at that level, regardless of what fighter you’re using. So that means if you’re a competent fighter player with Gran, you’ll face the same level of opponents if you switched to Zeta. This change allows you to rank up each character individually, without facing opposition that’s too tough as you scale up. Also confirmed in the panel was that all of your progress from the original game will carry over. So don’t worry about having to repeat the story.

New Character: Grimnir the Dancing Whirlwind

The panel also showed off the fourth new character coming to GBVSR — Grimnir, a wind-based lance wielder. The trailer also showed off gameplay for Nier

Finally, the panel confirmed Rollback netcode and crossplay, two big roadblocks that prevented the original game from building a community during the pandemic.