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Who Could Guilty Gear: Strive's New Character Be?

Here's a handful of possibilities for the latest entry into ArcSys' masterful fighter. We take a look at who the next character could be to join Guilty Gear Strive Season 3

Even in the wake of major releases from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Tekken, Guitly Gear: Strive remains one of the top fighting games on the market. Now in 2024, it's approaching the back end of its Season 3 DLC which saw the return of a couple of series favorites in Elphelt Valentine and Johnny. 

But in a stream last month, Arc System Works gave a teaser to the next character to come to Strive. Based on the scant pieces of information here are some ideas as to who the next character could be. 

zappa-x2-reload-artwork - zappa
Jam Kuradoberi - xrd

Arc System Works says that the reveal will come at the Arc World Tour Finals taking place on March 21-23 in Long Beach, CA. A weekend of events culminating in the yearly grand final for Strive.