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One of the newest anime fighters on the scene, Granblue Fantasy Versus, etched out a decently-sized corner for itself in the FGC market in 2020. Now its developers Cygames and Arc System Works (of Guilty Gear and Dragonball Fighterz fame), are looking to invigorate their community with the update, Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. GBVSR dropped a ton of new information with a presentation at Anime Expo over the weekend including the date of its first open beta, July 28th, 2023.

How to Enter Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Open Beta

Coupled with a series of announcements for its sister game, Granblue Fantasy: Relink, GBVSR revealed some juicy tidbits for its fans. Like Street Fighter 6, GBVSR will also have an invite-only beta event two days before the open beta. Selected applicants will get access to the game on July 26th and 27th, and can play even more during the open trial. GBVSR promises to include new mechanics, an enhanced story mode and rollback netcode. They shared that Siegfried would be playable in the beta but not Anila. Currently, there isn’t any more information on which characters would be playable.

In addition to the beta dates, the GBVSR team gave us a look at the first new character for the game, Nier (not to be confused with the SquareEnix series, Nier). Nier is a puppet/controller-style character who summons the beast, Death. According to the developers, if you’re familiar with characters like Zato-1 from Guilty Gear or Carl Clover from Blazblue then you can get the gist of Nier. In the shared blurb, the BGVSR team said that Nier would have a resource called “Love’s Redemption”. And when that resource runs out, Death will be unusable. According to the Granblue lore, Nier is a shy, taciturn girl with a deep desire to be loved and acknowledged. Because of this, she befriended a version of Death itself as it was one of the only things to accept her.

Also, for those attending the EVO Fighting Game Tournament in August, there will be an open beta tournament for those who want to test their mettle at the new game. There has been no announcement of a prize pool for the beta tournament.