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Street Fighter 6 is out and you’ve probably started grinding a few of your favorite fighters from the roster. There are even more fighters incoming in the Year 1 DLC. Here’s who they are and how to get them.

Capcom announced the Year 1 DLC ahead of Street Fighter 6’s release. It’s nothing new for fighting games, from Mortal Kombat to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But some players are a bit confused about how to add the DLC fighters to their roster.

These are the current fighters available in-game:

How to Unlock the Year 1 DLC Fighters

On top of these free fighters, Capcom has also announced the Year 1 DLC. This first DLC pack includes four new fighters.

Like in the past, you won’t get all four characters at the same time. Capcom did share an estimated release date for the four characters, spanning the next year or so. This schedule could change.

  • Rashid - Summer 2023
  • AKI - Autumn 2023
  • Ed - Winter 2023
  • Akuma - Spring 2024

To get these fighters, you’ll need to purchase the Street Fighter 6 Year 1 DLC. This can be purchased in multiple ways.

The first way is to buy the Deluxe Edition or Ultimate Edition of Street Fighter 6. Both of these versions come with the DLC included and you’ll automatically get the new characters when the game updates. These editions also have additional costumes, costume colors, and stages.

If you already bought the Standard Edition, however, you aren’t out of luck. You can purchase the Year 1 Character Pass on Steam or in a console store for $29.99. You can also buy the year 1 Ultimate Pass for $49.99 if you want to add costumes. This way is a little bit more than buying the Deluxe or Ultimate version.