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In the first bracket of EVO’s Championship Sunday, one player stood above the rest and dominated the bracket. Jibrill made a confident run through the winner’s side and eventually came away with the win.

In the lead-up to the finals, Jibril had to go through a pillar of the Marvel community in Kane Blueriver. In a set that went the distance, Jibrill was able to close it out eventually. But in the Grand Finals, he eventually faced off against Evasion who he sent to the loser’s bracket. The two players fielded the same team of Zero, Dante and Vergil and Jibril felt like he had the advantage.

“I felt very confident in that matchup [against Evasion].” Jibril said.

Jbrill wins Marvel 3

And the results showed. Jibrill walked away with the set 3-0 and didn’t look very troubled. After the match, he burst into tears letting the emotion of the moment wash over him. When asked about why the win meant so much, Jibrill said it’s been a long road to finally get to compete in Marvel at EVO.

“In 2017, I became very strong in Marvel. But that was sort of the end of the game [at EVO], so I couldn’t perform at EVO. But I always felt like I could compete with the best, that’s why I was so emotional.” says Jibrill.

As he stood on the podium, the crowd broke into the chant “YOU DESERVE IT!” over and over bringing down the curtain on Marvel 3 at EVO in the classiest way.