How to Get the MultiVersus McDonald's Toys

MultiVersus has a wide range of fun characters, some of which were recently featured in McDonald's Happy Meals.

MultiVersus is coming in just a few weeks and the FGC is excited to get their hands on the platform fighter again. But the relaunch of the game has also hyped up the recent McDonald’s Happy Meal toys based on the vibrant fighter. Can you still get those toys to show off your love of the ever-growing platform fighter scene? 

McDonald’s is no stranger to video game crossovers, like the ongoing partnership with Pokemon every year. In March, Warner Bros. teamed up with McDonald’s to bring MultiVersus toys to Happy Meals. From March until April 4, there were six limited time products inspired by WB characters as they appear within the MultiVersus game. 

The promotion featured miniature tins inside Happy Meals that feature the images of MultiVersus characters. Inside, there are small puzzles with six pieces. So… Sorta EZ for most people but it’s moreso about the novelty of collecting limited edition MultiVersus toys. 

MultiVersus McDonald's toys

What Is in the MultiVersus Toys at McDonald’s?

The tins feature two different fighters. Here are the 12 MultiVersus characters that had toys at Mickey D’s: 

  • Superman/Velma
  • Batman/Finn
  • Bugs Bunny/Wonder Woman 
  • Tasmanian Devil/Black Adam
  • Harley Quinn/Tasmanian Devil
  • Batman/Shaggy

Inside every tin there are six-piece puzzles. The puzzles feature characters from MultiVersus — about 14 of the characters are featured in the finished images. 

Aside from the puzzle, there is no further stuff inside the tin. You won’t find any in-game content or in-game exclusives when you get the toy. 

How to Get the MultiVersus McDonald’s Toys

The MultiVersus x McDonald’s promotion has ended. But you can still get the MultiVersus toys if you dig around online and are willing to fork over some moolah. 

A quick look on eBay shows that the tins are highly available, including sellers with entire bundles including all six toys. The prices range from $2.50 to $6 for an individual tin to around $15 to $20 for the entire set.

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