MultiVersus Rifts Mode Explained — PvE Multiplayer, Mini-Games, Bosses, and Rewards

MultiVersus is getting a PvE mode for those that need a break from the online grind.

MultiVersus is returning soon and developers are promising it’ll be bigger and better than ever before. One new thing to expect is an extensive PvE mode, Rifts. 

Rifts will be a break from the competitive nature of the usual PvP modes in platform fighters. In Rifts, players will be able to travel the multiverse, encountering enemies in “wacky combat” for more unique fighting experiences. There will also be frequent updates, according to developers. Here’s everything we know about Rifts.

What is Rifts Mode in MultiVersus?

Test your skills outside of the competitive PvP modes with Rift, a “sequence of battles or challenges” that revolve around a particular theme like “The Joker infiltrating the Batcave” or “Velma and Batman teaming up to decide who’s the best detective.” Every season will have different themes that are inspired by “Attunements,” like The Joker joining the Season 1 cast. 

Every seasonal Rift will have unique stages, skins, characters, and mutators (or new ways of fighting). It starts with a tutorial mode but the main mode will get more challenging as you progress. For some, it may take the entire season to battle your way to the top.

Is Rifts Mode Multiplayer?

You can play Rifts solo or grab a friend and handle the challenges co-op. When you play with friends, “you’ll both share in the rewards,” developers note. 

Mutators Explained in Rifts Mode

MultiVersus Rfits mode

A big part of what makes Rifts mode a unique fighting experience are the ever-changing mutators. Encounters in Rifts are “injected with a variety of different effects” that will lead to “wild, loony, and challenging combat encounters.” The mutators will change characters’ moves and abilities to match the season theme or to just create pure chaos. 

“For example, have you ever wanted to try full aerial MultiVersus combat without ever hitting the ground? The Infinite Jumps mutator could be up your alley. Or, maybe your tastes are a little more eccentric and you’ve dreamed of using your chicken hands to turn your opponent into a rotisserie chicken… then Chicken Gauntlets Mutator might be for you,” developers wrote. 

Rifts Mode Mini-Games

There will be dozens of mini-games inside of Season 1 of Rifts. These mini-games will create “fresh experiences” for gamers thanks to their wide variety of random gameplay opportunities. This could be anything from volleyball to matching things together. 

Rifts Mode Boss Battles

Rifts mode will also include boss battles. These tougher baddies will appear at the end of each season. Each Rift ends with a themed boss battle that will challenge you in unique ways. 

Rifts Mode Rewards and Progression

There are many rewards for progressing in Rifts mode. New challenges will be updated regularly. The optional mission objectives will give you rewards in the form of stars (worth up to five) and there are also season-long events that will give you further rewards. You can replay for more stars if you feel you could do better as well. 

As you progress, you will gain Gems. These are power-ups that give you bonuses so the challenges get easier. There are three types of Gems:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Utility

Each gem is associated with an “Attunement,” like Season 1’s Chaos. When you get multiple of the same Gem, you can level it up! Choose the best Gems to put into your three sockets before a battle. You’ll get powered up in no time — and everyone will do it in their own way.

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