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As Street Fighter 6 draws near, Capcom has continued to drop character introductions that give fighting game fans a better look at the vibrant roster. The latest video features Manon.

Manon is a multi-talented fighter who is always looking to improve herself. She is not only a supermodel but a world-champion judoka. This unique blend of posing and fighting has made her a stand-out on the roster.

Here’s everything we know about Manon so far!

New Manon Trailer Revealed

The latest character introduction showed off Manon, including her playstyle and appearance in Street Fighter 6.

Fans marveled at Manon’s elegant fighting style and toned legs. The French model’s moves along with her beauty have made her a fan-favorite and many in the FGC are excited to fight as her come June 2, 2023.

Who is Manon in Street Fighter 6?

Manon is a high-fashion supermodel and ballerina that has the long legs and fashionable hair to match. Her outfit is also an eye-catching blend of streetwear and casual, judo-inspired outerwear.

On her official Street Fighter 6 page, Manon is described as an idealist who is always looking to improve herself and find beauty in everything. She doesn’t like people that are all talk and values her family — including two older brothers — and beauty products.

In the full roster reveal, Manon’s original design included an Olympic logo on her outfit. More recently, the logo appears to be more similar to the one used to represent Olympic Judo. This is most likely due to the International Olympic Committee not allowing unofficial usage of its branding. But it’s safe to say that Manon has competed in the Olympics in the judo sport.

What is Judoka?

Judo is a modern Japanese martial art style that is focused on unarmed wrestling-inspired combat. The usual objective is to throw, pin, or overpower your opponent. By applying pressure to their arm joints or neck, you can force them to surrender. This can be seen in Manon’s grab in the character introduction video released this week.

Manon's Playstyle in Street Fighter 6

Manon is one of the only dedicated grappler-style fighters in Street Fighter 6. She had a developer match posted on YouTube a few weeks ago that gave more insight into her playstyle.

As you can see, Manon has a unique “medal” mechanic. A medallion of some sort is pictured underneath her health bar. It starts at one and goes up every time she lands her proper command grab or hit grab. The higher the medal level, the more damage Manon’s grabs will do to her opponents.

Since Manon relies on grabbing opponents, her playstyle focuses on setting up these grabs. She has multiple normal attacks with a “vacuum” effect, which pulls enemies inward when hit. It will be quite easy to grab or combo opponents with Manon thanks to this setup mechanic.

But Manon can even attack enemies that are staying at a seemingly safe distance from her. She has several kicking attacks that seem to have significant range, including a spinning split on the ground.

Finally, Manon’s Level 3 Super has her dragging an enemy into a ballet-like routine before slamming them into the ground.

The blend of elegance and mind games in Manon’s playstyle has Street Fighter fans excited about her addition to the roster. She has a unique playstyle and captivating look that stand out in Street Fighter 6’s interesting roster. Watching pros master Manon’s moves is sure to be a special treat that’s just beyond the horizon.