How Perks Work in MultiVersus — New System Explained

Perks are changing a bit when MultiVersus returns. Here's all you need to know!

MultiVersus isn't your average platform fighter and brings a lot of new concepts to this fighting game genre. One of those unique features is Perks, which can buff your character's abilities. Here's everything you need to know about Perks in MultiVersus.

What are Perks in MultiVersus?

Perks are special power-up style items that can be equipped to playable characters. You can have three standard Perks equipped at once or one signature Perk. There are three types of Perks that help with specific abilities:

  • Offensive Perks (Red): Increase attack power
  • Defensive Perks (Blue): Increase your protection
  • Utility Perks (Green): Movement speed and other stuff gets boosted

You can enhance Perks by equipping them to your team in certain ways. Equip identical Perks to both fighters and it will have a stacking effect that strengthens what they do!

MultiVersus Perks guide

How to Unlock Perks in MultiVersus

The way Perks work will change when MultiVersus is re-released. Unlike during the beta, Perks need to be purchased with earned currency. Here are the best ways to get Perks:

  • PvE Rifts Mode
  • In-game events
  • Level up characters
  • Unlock Battle Pass tiers

In the new version of MultiVersus, Perks have changed quite a bit. Some lesser used Perks have been removed while new ones have been added. When collecting Perks, consider your main and your playstyle so you can get the right ones for your upcoming fight.

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