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Project L is bringing something new to the fighting game genre with tag-team based fighting.

In the most recent update from Executive Producer Tom Cannon and Game Director Shaun Rivera, the developers behind the long-awaited Riot Games fighter confirmed that Project L is meant to be a 2v2 team-based fighting game.

Two friends can team up similar to tag-team wrestling, each controlling a single champion. One player will control the champion that’s on-screen while the other will be waiting on the sidelines waiting to jump in for a combo or to save their partner in a clutch moment.

Project L can be played in the classic 1v1 style as well, allowing more independent fighting game fans to control both champions on their team. But Rivera said that Project L is a team-based game at its core and is meant to encourage teamwork and be experienced as a duo.

The new Project L page reads: “Fights feel better with friends, whether you’re practicing blows or dueling up against others. With duo play, you and your teammate each control a champion that can be tagged in during a match. It’s you and your duo against the world, so hone that synergy and punch it out.”

Project L Introduces the Fuse System to FGC

To encourage more cooperation and inspire strategy between teammates, developers have introduced something called the Fuse System.

The Fuse System is essentially a series of things called Fuses that all offer various abilities for you and your teammate. Fuses have “powerful synergies” that will change up your playstyle and create more opportunity for player expression.

An example developers gave us is a Fuse called “2x Assist.” This Fuse will allow you to have two assists back to back instead of the usual one.

If this Fuse ends up not panning out for your duo’s playstyle, you can always change your Fuse for the next match. The goal is to see what you can come up with and figure out what playstyle feels right for you and your partner.

“Teamplay is at the heart of [Project L’s] design,” Cannon said. “It’s difficult to get right. Dual play is something unique and special for you to enjoy and master. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.”

The reaction so far has been positive. The fighting game community expressed excitement over the gameplay, saying that it looks fun to play a competitive fighting game with a friend. A lot of fans also complimented the game’s art style and champion designs, noting that the “fan art” will be crazy.

Experience Project L at Evo 2023

Fighting game fans will be able to try out the 2v2 game for themselves at Evo 2023