SAMURAI SHODOWN Now Has Rollback Netcode On All Platforms (Except the Switch)

To create a more competitive online experience, SNK has announced that SAMURAI SHODOWN is getting rollback netcode on all consoles.

SNK Corporation announced this week that SAMURAI SHODOWN now has rollback netcode on all major platforms.

SAMURAI SHODOWN is a weapon-based fighting game series that's been around since 1993. It's remained popular with fighting game enthusiasts thanks to its dynamic roster and advanced mechanics but it was always missing a key element that held the game back from its full competitive potential — no rollback netcode.

That has now changed.

SAMURAI SHODOWN Gets Rollback Netcode on Console

A press release from SNK Corporation announced that SAMURAI SHODOWN now supports rollback netcode for Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, and through the Epic Games Store.

"Players on [console] can now enjoy the same enhanced online functionality Steam players received in a similar update late last year," developers wrote.

The Nintendo Switch, however, is not part of the update this time around.

SAMURAI SODOWN rollback netcode

What is Rollback Netcode?

Rollback netcode is a technique that ensures fighting games run smoothly and that the input is precise so players can have the most competitvely viable fights possibe. The minimal latency and smooth gameplay ensures that games match the true intentions and react immediately to inputs even with iffy network connections.

Fighting games without rollback netcode, like Super Smash Bros. and Soul Caliber, have suffered in the past. The lagging gameplay and slow response to inputs makes matches feel disingenuine to the point where the Smash community officially announced that online tournament results didn't count towards player rankings during the global shutdown in 2020.

SAMURAI SHODOWN, known as SAMURAI SPIRITS in Japan, is one of the first fighting games focused on weapon-based combat set in feudal-era Japan. There are 12 mainline titles and the popular series has also been made into animations and manga.

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