Tekken 8 Patch 1.05 To Arrive In June/July

Harada's Team Heard You All At Combo Breaker
HES GETTING BUFFED! / Image: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8, one of the top fighting games on the planet, dropped a hint as to when fight fans can expect the next patch and it's right around the corner in July and will more than likey come with the release of Lidia. Also, the official Tekken twitter account let us know that there will be some adjustments to characters, specifically Paul and Kazuya. The last patch the 1.04 patch for Tekken 8 released back in May.

Tekken 8 Too Aggressive?

One of big changes that's coming in the 1.05 is a huge nerf to the effectiveness of Heat Dash and Heat Burst. Both of these mechanics made it significantly easier to get big damage combos in Tekken 8 as they had tons of hitstun. Also, Wall Stagger (or wall splat) is going to be removed if you pushed your opponent to the wall from a Heat Dash. This will greatly reduce an attackers ability to push to the wall quickly and gain big damage. These two changes seem to be aimed at an over reliance on the Heat system to unlock combo routes, something that Tekken players have been critical of in the past.

Also, King players should pour one out for their masked feline friend, because throws are getting hit with the nerf gun as well. In the first few months of the game, King, was regarded as one of the strongest characters in Tekken 8. His effectiveness directly stemmed from the power of throws, and the ability to grab out of Heat moves. With throws being kneecapped in 1.05, expect King to drop out of the upper echelon of characters.

Kazuya's Getting Buffed

Mishima heads, rejoice! Kazuya is finally getting buffed. Also confirmed in the same series of tweets, Jin's dad is getting some much deserved buffs. Even if we don't know what they are quite yet, it's a good sign for one of the most popular characters in the game. Kazuya is a fan-favorite and having him flounder in mid-tier has been something players have been unhappy with.

Back in April, Kazuya was the 6th most popular character in Tekken 8.
Back in April, Kazuya was the 6th most popular character in Tekken 8. / Image: Bandai Namco

Alongside Kazuya, the Tekken team acknowledged that Paul and Raven would also be getting buffs. While at the same time, they also stated that a number of characters would be seeing some nerfs and specific combos. They said that it is also possible that a number of changes from 1.04 may be scaled back in order to balance out the changes from 1.05.

While there hasn't been a date set for the patch, it will surely come within the next few weeks as the team said that future updates "beyond July" will focus on bug fixing.

Norris Howard