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The Street Fighter 6 Demo hit the Playstation-verse last week after Capcom’s preview stream. Eager to get their hands on the game, players hopped into the Fighting Grounds section and cranked up the difficulty. Only thing is, this Street Fighter isn’t playing around when it comes to the CPU and even top players are struggling against it.

One of the universal truths of fighting games is that the CPU is a terrible way to learn more advanced techniques. It often leans on unrealistic tactics or doesn’t play conservatively when it needs to. But on the higher difficulties, the computer would toss out moves without input delay. Meaning it could do special moves instantaneously. Basically, it doesn’t do the best job of emulating a human opponent. Because of this, most serious players don’t spend much time in the single player modes. But in this demo version of SF6 there’s no online play, so the only option players have is to play the CPU and oh boy, is it strong.

A few well known players and content creators have shared just how intense the Street Fighter 6 computer can be. The level 8 setting, which is the highest, is particularly brutal. At this level the CPU employed a number of pro level techniques without breaking the rules of the game. From proper spacing and footsies to counter hit combos and Drive Rushes the computer had no issues taking games from you. While we don’t know if SF6 has input reading, the combo paths used by the computer are totally possible for a player of some skill to execute. In fact, it might be one of the best ways to learn the game’s new Drive Gauge system.

“Level 8 CPU Ryu is showing sauce, optimized sauce.” said streamer Maximillian Dood after falling to his AI controlled opponent. 2022 Capcom Cup champion and arguably the best SFV player around, iDom, said he “couldn’t get a game” off the CPU during one of his streams. It’s quite a testament to the CPU that some of the top players took some time to wrap their heads around the game’s AI.

If you’re curious about how to stack up against this head-hunting CPU, the SF6 demo is available now on PS5/PS4 and comes to Steam on April 26.