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How Ranked Works In Under Night In-Birth II: Sys:Celes

In just a few days, the fighting game community will have a new challenge in Under Night In-Birth II: Sys:Celes.

It’s been 10 years since a new Under Night In-Birth game has been released and developers are going all out. There are over 24 characters in the beginning roster and each has new moves and mechanics. The anime-style fighter also has a graphics overhaul and rollback netcode for the first time.

Wondering how to start grinding and beating up opponents online? Here’s how.

How Ranked Works in Under Night In-Birth II: Sys:Celes

This is the first time that an Under Night In-Birth game has rollback netcode. Rollback netcode is a technique for synchronizing game states in multiplayer fighting games, creating smooth gameplay and reducing latency.

With improved online capabilities, Under Night In-Birth has more online opportunities than ever before. There are three main game modes:

  • Ranked Match: Two players compete in regulated matches. Results will impact your ranking.
  • Player Match: A casual match with your own regulations. Up to eight players can be in a room (two competitors and six spectating). Results do not impact your ranking.
  • Ranking: View all rankings and look up player information.
Under Night In Birth II: Sys:Celes gameplay

In ranked, you will be able to hang out in training mode while searching for a match. You can set conditions for your match as well:

  • Area - Specify the opponent's area.
  • Set Lowest Rank - Specify the opponent's lowest rank.
  • Set Highest Rank - Specify the opponent's highest rank.
  • Communication Speed Settings - Specify the opponent's minimum communication speed.
  • Match Completion Rate - Specify the opponent's match completion rate.
  • Consecutive Matches - Specify if you want to play consecutive matches with the same opponent.

What Is RIP?

RIP stands for Rankers Incite Points. This is Under Night In-Birth’s unique system for determining a player’s “true skill.”

You will have a different RIP for each character you play. If you win or lose with that character, their RIP will go up or down. This will hopefully ensure that your matches are with evenly skilled opponents, meaning you’ll have a bigger impact on each other’s RIP.