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Fortnite Releases Evil Plan Dance Emote

Players can pick up the newest Fortnite Icon Series Evil Plan Dance Emote for 500 V-Bucks from the in-game shop.
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Fortnite Evil Plan Dance Emote, Marcus Parks II, Music by Kanii, and 9lives

  • Fortnite has released a new dance emote called the Evil Plan.
  • Evil Plane Dance emote features moves by Marcus Parks II, a high school football player.
  • The new dance emote also features music by Kanii and 9lives.

Is there anything more Fortnite than dropping a killer dance emote on some random in the match after building a small shopping mall around them and sending them back to the lobby? The answer is no. And the new Evil Plan Dance Emote in Fortnite is perfect for the occasion.

What is the Evil Plan Dance Emote?

The Evil Plan dance features a quick series of moves involving your avatar rubbing their hands together like a plan is coming together perfectly. Then stomping their feet as they raise their fists triumphantly in the air, crossing their arms, shrugging, and then pointing confidently ahead of them.

The moves are credited to an American high school football player, Marcus Parks II, and feature music from Kanii and 9lives. You can see exactly what the dance moves look like in action in the original Fortnite post over on Twitter.

How to get the Evil Plan Dance Emote?

If you’re wondering how to obtain the Evil Plan Dance Emote, the newest Icon Series emote to be added to the game, it’s pretty straightforward. All you need to do is log in and find it in the in-game item shop.

This new Icon Series emote, the Evil Plan Dance, is 500 V-Bucks as of January 31st. Players who are interested in adding the Evil Plan Dance Emote to their library of cosmetics should get it while they can.

The Fortnite in-game shop is constantly rotating and adding new things, so it’s impossible to tell how long it will be around or when it may come back.