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We’re back, baby! In celebration of the Fortnite reboot, Fortnite Patch 25.20 is bringing the Planet Express crew to Fortnite. The patch notes for v25.20 include new augments, new weapons, and iconic characters. There also might be hints at what crossover is to come in the future.

Fortnite Update 25.20 Patch Notes

Futurama fans rejoice — you can now play as Philip, Bender, and Leela in Fortnite thanks to some familiar outfits in the Item Shop. There are a few other cosmetic items also available for purchase that tie into the sci-fi animated series.

On top of these three questionable delivery people, you will also have access to two new weapons: the Mammoth Pistol and Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. It’s time to kill all humans.

The Mammoth Pistol fires a strong single shot that does a lot of damage. It comes in a variety of rarities and can be found throughout the island, including in loot chests and on the floor.

Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun is quite similar to the Kymera Ray Gun from Chapter 2 Season 7. It’s only available in Mythic rarity. You can purchase it from Bender or find it as floor loot. This desirable weapon has an infinite amount of plasma rays but can easily reheat.

On top of the Futurama-related surprises, the latest patch also has new arguments:

  • Pistol Recycle - Pistols have a chance to not cost ammo (33% chance)
  • Scoped Salvo - Scoped weapons deal increased damage but have decreased fire rate (15% increased damage, 15% lower fire rate)

The Desperate Reload augment has also been unvaulted. Another thing being unvaulted is the Lever Action Shotgun. You’ll find it on the ground, within chests, in flying drones, or by claiming a POI. It comes in all rarities.

Fortnite Update 25.20 Possible Easter Eggs

While Futurama is at the forefront of the recent patch notes, some players believe there are some Easter Eggs that hint at Marvel returning in a future update.

Chapter Season Season 4’s collaboration with Marvel was one of the most iconic events in the battle royale, bringing all of the popular superheroes to the island. It’s no surprise that players are hoping for a similar event in the near future.

Now, Fortnite leakers Sentinel Central and OE Zesty have found some Stark Industries files. They are located near the Creaky Compound. It’s possible it’s just a reused asset, however, so Sentinel Central warned fans not to get too hype.


He added: “Why would it reappear many years after Chapter 2 Season 4?”

Fans were hopeful in the replies but it’s all a mystery for now. Still, Futurama is known for its time-traveling theme so it could very well be a hint at something that might be happening in future updates.