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LEGO Fortnite Gets Its First Creative Islands

Survive cannonball attacks and try not to fall off platforms in the first two LEGO Fortnite Creative Islands. Here are the first two LEGO Fortnite Islands and how to play them.

The first two LEGO Fortnite Creative Islands have been revealed. 

LEGO Fortnite is largely focused on gathering resources, crafting, and exploring. This has been a huge hit with players who want to escape the competitive grind of Fortnite's battle royale. Now, Epic has announced the first two LEGO Fortnite Creative Islands to provide even more casual gameplay opportunities. 

How to Find LEGO Fortnite Creative Islands

Want to try out the LEGO-themed islands? Here's how!

  • Go to the Lobby menu
  • Scroll down until you find the LEGO Islands tab
  • Select the Island of your choice
  • Press Play

LEGO Fortnite Creative Island: LEGO Raft Survival

Island Code: 2975-0725-2749

This Creative Island revolves around your raft. You build it and then attempt to survive as long as possible on your raft. LEGO pirate ships and dangerous NPCs will be attempting to take you down with cannonballs, coming in waves. You will be able to rescue teammates and build new rafts by collecting coins in the water. 

LEGO Fortnite Creative Islands

LEGO Fortnite Creative Island: LEGO Obby Fun

Island Code: 6344-4048-9837

Obby Fun is an obstacle course that has you attempting to jump along platforms made of brick with the goal of never falling. What makes this Creative Island extra cool is that the platforms are inspired by popular LEGO sets. It will get trickier the further you get, so you'll need to really get down your timing and coordination.