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Fortnite Winterfest — All Gifts, Quests, TMNT Skins

Fortnite Winterfest has returned just in time for the holidays, bringing an abundance of presents. There are 14 days of gifts. Here’s how to get your free gifts.

Sgt. Winter is delivering 14 free gifts throughout Winterfest as part of the Ship It! Express brand. Each present contains in-game goodies, including outfits and more. You can get these gifts by going to the Quests tab every day starting now and ending January 2, 2024.

To help Sg. Winter with delivering these gifts, you can help Ship It! Express operations by helping Holiday Boxy investigate missing shipments in the Ship It! Express snapshot quest.

2024 winterfest skins

Fortnite Winterfest Gifts

Here are the 14 gifts you’ll receive during Winterfest:

  • Day 1 – Glorious Giftblade Back Bling
  • Day 2 – GG Chilled Emoticon
  • Day 3 – Holiday Boxy Outfit
  • Day 4 – Snowfaller Contrail
  • Day 5 – Slurp Banner Icon
  • Day 6 – Elite Servo Glider
  • Day 7 – Bushie Bright Wrap
  • Day 8 – Blocko Spray
  • Day 9 – Winterfest Wish Lobby Music
  • Day 10 – Perfect Pivot Glider
  • Day 11 – Winterfest Flurry Wrap
  • Day 12 – Winterfest Bushranger with alternate styles
  • Day 13 – Slap Juice Banner Icon
  • Day 14 – Bedside Nanner Back Bling

Festive Favorites Return From the Vault

On top of the gifts, you can also pick up unvaulted items available in matches now. This includes:

  • Throw down Holiday Presents! to open them up and grab the loot inside
  • Put on the Sneaky Snowmando disguise to give your enemies a seasonal surprise
  • Unleash frozen fury with the explosive Snowball Launcher
  • Consume a Snowy Flopper to restore some Health and give yourself icy feet
  • Fling yourself with the Icy Grappler and land with icy feet. (The Icy Grappler will be unvaulted later during Winterfest.)

Winterfest Quests

These unvaulted items will do some good in the Winterfest Quests. There are 19 total but they will be progressively released over the course of the Winterfest event. You can unlock the Snowglobe Smasher Pickaxe if you complete all 19 before January 2.

Ship It! Express Limited Time Experience

This limited time experience has you taking the role of a Ship It! Express rep. You can only use throw weapons and consumables.

Reads the official update: “Deliver your way to victory by taking advantage of increased loot spawns and frequent Supply Drops. Don’t get caught up in the cold!”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!?

On top of all the holiday content, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming to celebrate. This includes the TMNT set, which has an outfit for each turtle. Investigative reporter April O’Neil is also going to be available in the shop! All four of the outfits are inspired by LEGO Fortnite’s style.

Fortnite Crew Benefit: Giftblade Back Bling

Fortnite Crew subscribers who log into Fortnite during the Winterfest will get the Gilded Style of the Glorious Giftblade back bling.