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Evil Geniuses Doctor Migliore on the Basics of Health and its Impacts on Gaming Performance

As part of our WellPlayed interview series, Dr. Lindsey Migliore, Senior Director of Gaming and Performance at Evil Geniuses discusses the power that better exercise, sleep and diet can have on esports athletes.

Medical doctor by trade, five years ago Dr. Lindsey Migliore started building out the field of esports medicine and by 2020 had completely left the traditional medical field to pursue a career in esports. What had started out as teaching the basics of health to esports athletes quickly led to getting more involved in the business side of things.

“Turns out when you go in and try to get people to exercise and sleep a little longer, if there are bigger systemic issues going on, it’s like a band-aid,” Dr. Lindsey Migliore.

As part of our WellPlayed interview series. Dr. Migliore, talks about the importance of health education in esports, how ego can be a good and bad thing and the role self-reflection can take in helping to improve your overall health.

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