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ESIcons: Version1 Esports and Minnesota ROKKR

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Everything we do is a test. We are creators. Not creations. Victory isn't the end, it's the beginning.

It's the motto that the entire organization runs on. And nestled next to the Vikings TCO Performance Center in Eagan, Minnesota, it's the motto that anyone who plays for Version1 or the Minnesota ROKKR had better be ready to exemplify. On our first edition of ESIcons, we're diving into the inner workings of V1 Esports, meeting the teams, and asking why esports fans the world over should be fans.

Minnesota RØKKR

When the Call of Duty League stormed onto the scene in 2020, it did so in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when attending professional sporting events was becoming increasingly difficult and seasons were being put on hold all over the greater sports world, the Minnesota ROKKR gave the land of ten thousand lakes something to keep rooting for.

Despite some moderate success in the first year, they really began to make a name for themselves in the 2021 season as Attach rose to prominence and became the leader of the team. It would culminate in them winning the 2021 Major V, before taking 4th in the CDL Championship that year.

Since then, Attach has moved to a substitute player for the ROKKR, but still remains the organization's longest serving player. And that is what makes the ROKKR a rather unique team in the esports space. Player contracts are notoriously short in esports, and athletes frequently move across a number of different teams during their career. Given that reality, it's refreshing to see an organization that sticks with their players, choosing to help grow their talent rather than continue the game of musical chairs that much of the industry follows.

V1 Rocket League

When thinking about Version 1, competitive Rocket League isn't always what first springs to mind. Yet, they've been a mainstay of the RLCS since 2020. Over their four years of competing, they have consistently found success in regional tournaments.

While the RLCS Championship remains elusive, once again V1 shows a commitment to their players and growing a team the right way. Consider that across those four years, they have only had a total of six players wear their colors. Six. And one of those was Daniel joining the roster this year to replace the retiring Torment.

The day that V1 Rocket League raises the trophy at RLCS will be a truly special one, as it will be a moment that was earned through commitment, growth, perseverance, and determination.


Version1 is one of many teams to step into the world of women's esports, but they've shown a real commitment to it. Moreso than many of their contemporaries in the space. V1 boasts one of the most competitive women's VALORANT squads in the world today, and they weren't hesitant to seek out the best in the world to create it.

In the wake of Cloud9 White's demise, V1 reached out to some of the roster to seek out veteran help to come in and coach up some of the younger talent they were signing. Legends like meL and alexis took a leadership role with their new team, joined by Noia, florescent, and sarah. Since coming together, they have absolutely dominated every tournament they've competed in, including Astral Clash 2023 and VALORANT Game Changers North America Series 1.

The ambitious young squad has their sights set higher too, with goals of competing in VCT Americas. The esports community is preparing for the day that men and women compete against one another regularly, and it's a fair bet to say that that will begin with VALORANT. Version1 seems to be the leading contender thus far.

Version 1 as an Org

We as esports fans tend to flock towards players. Often, it is a player that earns us as fans instead of an organization. Yet with V1, it's admittedly hard to not want to root for them. From their commitment to women's esports to their dedication to the players who choose to play for them, one can't help but want them to succeed.

Version1 may be a relatively young esports organization in compared to some of the OG titans of the space, yet their unyielding dedication to training and growing with their players more than makes them worthy of being our first ESIcon.