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BLG vs GG League match at MSI 2023 Recap

  • Who was the favorite going into the BLG vs GG League match?
  • BLG beat GG 2-1 to advance into the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage.
  • How close was the BLG vs GG League match?
  • Can GG still qualify for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage?
  • What is the MSI 2023 schedule?

After Bilibili Gaming’s dominant performance against Movistar R7, expectations were dead set on BLG to do the same against Golden Guardians. While Golden Guardians are certainly not a team to be doubted, the strength of the LPL #2 seed appeared on paper to be too much for the NA #2 seed.

However, the BLG vs GG League match at MSI 2023 saw the Golden Guardians and Bilibili Gaming battle closely. While BLG

How close was the BLG vs GG match?

Golden Guardians Licorice competing

Licorice is the top laner for the Golden Guardians.

While game one was nothing but dominance from the side of BLG, game two was a great showing from the side of Golden Guardians. Toplaner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie was a star on K’sante in game two en route to a 7/3/5 scoreline. Despite BLG’s best efforts to mount a comeback in the team fights, Golden Guardians showcased their international stage experience as they held things down to take the series to a third and final game.

Unfortunately, the upset was not meant to be today as BLG’s Zhao “Elk” Jia-hao was once again a superstar. The BLG AD carry received two kills before the 8-minute mark, which set him up to carry the entire game against the Golden Guardians. At that point, Golden Guardians could only play tower defense before BLG closed the third game and series 2-1.

Can GG still qualify for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage?

Golden Guardians MSI 2023 Stixxay and Huhi

Golden Guardians Stixxay and Huhi at MSI 2023.

Today was a good representation of Golden Guardians' strength as a team at MSI 2023. Having the #2 NA seed closely battle against the #2 LPL seed is a significant achievement that bodes well for their chances of reaching the bracket stage.

Regardless, the path towards the bracket stage does become more difficult for Golden Guardians as they now must win two best-of-three series to qualify for the MSI 2023 Bracket Stage. Their first opponent will be the winner of the series between Movistar R7 and GAM taking place tomorrow.

What is the MSI 2023 schedule?

MSI 2023 Play-In Stages will occur from May 2-7, where three Play-In teams will round out an eight-team MSI 2023 Bracket Stage. That portion of MSI 2023 will begin on May 9, 2023.

Those looking to understand what League of Legends patch teams will compete on can check out our article on League of Legends Patch 13.8 for the MSI update.

MSI 2023 is streamed live through Riot Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels.