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DRX Skins Are Finally Coming to LoL, Including Prestige Skin For Aatrox

League of Legends fans can finally get DRX skins after the LCK champions won Worlds last year.

League of Legends fans can finally get DRX skins after the LCK champions won Worlds last year.

In 2022, DRX became world champions after defeating T1 in the Finals. The team not only took home $489,500, but will now have in-game skins celebrating their victory. Each of the players get to choose a champion that gets their skin and these are the chosen champs this time:

  • Aatrox - Kingen
  • Akali - Zeka
  • Ashe - BeryL
  • Caitlyn - Deft
  • Kindred - Pyosik
  • Maokai - Juhan

These champions are all the top picks of each player and were played at least one time by DRX pros at Worlds. A few weeks after Worlds, the DRX squad announced their picks. But they won’t be coming to League of Legends until Patch 13.11 on June 1.

The DRX skins will be blue and white like the team’s signature jerseys. The skins were designed with help from the pro players themselves, who also helped come up with ideas for animations.

For the first time ever, these pro skins will also have a Prestige version. These versions are available to earn during an in-game event or by purchasing in the Mythic shop. So who will be getting the special Prestige version? MVP Hwang "Kingen" Seong-hoon. His Prestige skin will give Aatrox a sharp diamond-inspired look.

Said one fan: “As a Kindred fan, it's so beautiful it makes me want to cry.”

How to Get the World Champion DRX Skins

The six DRX skins are going to be released in the game’s PBE first. This will allow developers to see how the skins perform in a short testing period. The skins will then be released along with Patch 13.11, which is coming June 1. Access them in the League of Legends in-game store.

When is Worlds 2023?

Even though DRX is just getting their skins now, Worlds 2022 happened back in November. The next season is already underway and Worlds will happen in November 2023. Right now, Mid-Season Invitational 2023 is happening, with top teams from all regions showing off their skills ahead of the Summer Split.