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Evil Geniuses and Golden Guardians have exited the League Championship Series. The 2024 LCS season will be the first to feature eight teams since the 2014 NA LCS season.

The news, which was first reported by Michael "Veteran" Archer, was confirmed today in an announcement by Riot Games President of Esports John Needham that was posted to the LCS Twitter account.

While the announcement states that the decision was made before free agency in an effort to give the players affected by the change time to find a new team for 2024, Eric “Licorice” Ritchie – the 2023 LCS Summer Split All-Pro top laner and 2023 LCS Most Improved Player – tweeted this morning that he had only just found out and that his plan was to play for Golden Guardians in 2024.

Licorice also stated that he’d be unable to find a LCS team because all eight teams had already committed to top laners. Mo “Revenge” Kaddoura, who had the best split of his career last summer as the starting top laner for Evil Geniuses, has also confirmed he will be teamless for the 2024 LCS Spring Split.

What Teams Will Play in the LCS 2024?

  • NRG
  • Cloud9
  • Team Liquid
  • Dignitas
  • 100 Thieves
  • Shopify Rebellion
  • FlyQuest
  • Immortals

Seven teams from last year’s LCS are returning; Shopify Rebellion purchased the franchise slot previously held by TSM following the conclusion of the 2023 season.