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  • What is the most significant change in LoL Patch 13.9?
  • What is Neeko’s midscope update?
  • What champions received buffs on LoL Patch 13.9?
  • What champions received nerfs on LoL Patch 13.9?
  • How to watch MSI 2023?

League of Legends patch 13.9 is officially out. While not much has changed in LoL patch 13.9 compared to LoL Patch 13.8 and the MSI update, many changes are appearing in LoL Patch 13.9. From minor tweaks to champions to the addition of Neeko’s midscope update,

here is everything you need to know about the major changes in LoL patch 13.9 and how this patch primes League players for the upcoming LoL 13.10 Patch.

How is Neeko changing in LoL Patch 13.9?

The biggest change during LoL Patch 13.9 is the addition of Neeko’s midscope update to make her more viable and useful in the meta.

The plan from Riot Games’ end with these changes was to hopefully allow her to find a place in the competitive meta moving forward so that pros can intertwine her into compositions. Additionally, the mid-scope update provides updates to all of Neeko’s abilities, so Neeko mains will have to take some time to get used to all the adjustments coming to her kit.

What other champions received buffs on LoL Patch 13.9?

LoL patch 13.9 notes changes

All the changes in LoL Patch 13.9.

Apart from Neeko, a few other champions received buffs in LoL Patch 13.9. The other winners of LoL Patch 13.9 were Aatrox, Amumu, Swain, Trundle, and Volibear. All five champions have received varying levels of buffs ahead of LoL Patch 13.10. From various changes to certain champions' passive abilities to receiving extra damage, all five champions will be hoping that the small changes start to increase their stake in the meta.

Who was nerfed in LoL Patch 13.9?

Only Jinx and Sion received nerfs in LoL Patch 13.9 as both champions have been prominent forces in the League of Legends competitive meta. Their adjustments should provide some much-needed adjustments to their place in the meta as mainstays.

Jinx’s Attack damage growth has been reduced from 3.4 to 3.15. Meanwhile, Sion has received a nerf to his passive health loss when he is dead. The amount of health he loses in this passive state has been increased to 2.3-24.4 from 2-19. While both changes are relatively small, they are nice adjustments to two prominent champions going forward into LoL Patch 13.10.

How to watch MSI 2023?

G2 Esports MSI joker jersey

G2 Esports are currently competing at MSI 2023.

Today marked the start of MSI 2023 where the LEC’s G2 Esports and PCS’s Talon Esports were victorious in MSI 2023’s opening day. Those interested in learning more about the patch players play on at MSI 2023 can check out our piece detailing the LoL Patch 13.8 notes.

Those interested in tuning into MSI 2023 live can check out Riot Games’ live broadcast through their Twitch and YouTube channels.

LoL 13.9 Patch notes


  • Passive damage health ratio increased from 4-10 percent to 4-12 percent. (Health ratio depends on champion level)
  • Ultimate bonus movement speed increased from 50-80 to 60-100.


  • W damage health ratio increased from five to six percent.
  • W damage heal health ratio increased from 7-13 percent to 8-16 percent.


  • W base damage changed from 12-28 to 20 flat,
  • W percentage health damage has increased from 1-1.6 percent to 1-2 percent.


  • Q base damage has increased from 60-140 to 65-145.
  • Q bonus damage per bolt increased from 12-52. (Plus eight and ten percent ability power, respectively.)


  • Base attack speed increased from 0.6 to 0.67.
  • Base mana increased from 281 to 340.


  • Passive health loss has now increased from 2-19 to 2.3-24.4.


  • Attack damage growth was reduced from 3.4 to 3.15.


  • Q monster damage has increased from 120 to 140 percent.
  • Attack damage growth was reduced from 1.7 to 1.5.


  • R cooldown lockout changed to just on taking damage.

Neeko’s Midscope update

  • Inherent Glamour Passive has a new ability:
    • While within 300 units of a non-epic monster, minion, trap, ward, pet, or plant, Neeko stores their Sho’Ma over two seconds. Only one of these units can be stored at a time and she can clear out the Sho’Ma of the current unit to change the disguise to a different one. Afterward, Neeko can transform into that newly chosen unit or an allied champion through an interface.
  • Inherent Glamour Passive abilities removed:
    • Disguise no longer breaks upon taking damage.
    • Disguise no longer modifies her attack speed or movement speed if the unit’s values are higher than hers.
  • Passive cooldown reduced from 25-10 (based on level) to six seconds.
  • Q bloom base damage was reduced from 40-140 to 35-135, ability power ratio increased from 20 to 25 percent ability power.
  • Q effect now deals 30-70 bonus damage against monsters per bloom.
  • W Can now recast the ability in order to send her clone to the target location.
  • W Clone now plays her Q, E, dance, joke, taunt, recall, and laugh animations and sounds.
  • W on-hit now deals 50 bonus damage against monsters.
  • E base damage was reduced from 80-220 to 70-210, ability power ratio decreased from 60 to 65 percent ability power.
  • R now knocks up enemies for 0.6 seconds after channeling
  • R no longer shields her for 75-125.
  • R increased from 40-80 per champion for two seconds.
  • R cooldown increased from 90 seconds at all ranks to 120-90 seconds, and base damage reduced from 200-650 to 150-550.
  • R damage ability power ratio was reduced from 130 percent ability power to 100 percent ability power.


  • Passive Aflame base damage increased from 15-35 to 20-41.
  • E passive ability power ratio has been reduced from 25 to 20 percent AP.
  • R cast time was reduced from 1.5 to 0.5 seconds.
  • R area of effect delay increased from 1.5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • R duration changed from 2.5 seconds at all ranks to 2-3 seconds
  • R effect radius increased from 500 at all ranks to 675-775
  • R base damage was reduced from 200-500 to 200-400
  • R AP ratio reduced from 80 to 70 percent ability power.
  • R ability no longer reduces attack range to 400 when self-casted.


Only one item has received changes in LoL Patch 13.9.

Lich Bane

  • AP on Lich Bane increased from 75 to 85.