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  • LCS experiences multiple changes going into the upcoming LCS 2023 Summer Split.
  • TSM Chime talks about the offseason before the LCS 2023 Summer Split.
  • TSM Chime’s message to TSM fans.
  • When is TSM leaving the LCS?

The LCS 2023 Summer Split is just a few weeks away as 10 LCS teams set their sights on a championship title and the right to represent North America at Worlds 2023.

However, going into the LCS 2023 Summer Split, the offseason has been like no other. From all the NACL requirements to longtime LCS participant CLG’s departure, the LCS has experienced multiple changes.

Yet, one of the biggest reveals heading into the upcoming split has been TSM’s departure from the LCS following the 2023 season.

Truthfully, blocking out any of the stresses that come with TSM’s upcoming LCS departure can be challenging. Yet, TSM support Jonathan “Chime” Pomponio, the goal remains the same despite all of these changes in his team infrastructure.

“Worlds is always the goal, and I think anything short of that is a failure to the fans,” Chime said. “That’s definitely what I’m working towards for sure.”

Building healthy foundations is key for TSM Chime

TSM Wildturtle and Chime during LCS 2023 Spring Split

TSM Wildturtle and Chime during the LCS 2023 Spring Split.

Chime is entering his third split with TSM and is the team’s only remaining member from the LCS 2022 season. As a result, he took it upon himself to use this offseason as a period to reflect and build a healthier routine to enter each day of practice feeling his greatest.

“I wanted to really get healthy outside of the game and build a healthier foundation for myself going into this upcoming split,” Chime said. “I have been scheduling everything more, going to the gym, and eating right to become my best self.”

The usual routine for LCS pros involves long 12-hour days of preparation during the season. Yet, for many pros, having those pockets to detach from the natural stresses of competition to find some balance is a highly underrated aspect of competition. And while Chime knows that his current routine will take some hits because of these stresses, building this “foundation” is something he feels will help himself and TSM find success in the LCS 2023 Summer Split.

“Realistically, I will probably cut my gym routine down to 3-4 days compared to going every day right now,” Chime said. “But it’s really important that I at least set up a foundation right now instead of trying to build it up during the season.”

TSM finished the LCS 2023 Spring Split with an 8-10 record, surpassing many expectations people had of this team heading into 2023. Heading into Summer, expectations are low once again. Still, Chime and TSM are looking at the upcoming split as an opportunity to give fans one last hoorah before they depart from the league. For Chime, that all starts with “racking up wins.”

“We’re not going to have the same path as a team like Cloud9 or Golden Guardians,” Chime said. “It’s really about racking up wins and seeing what works for us. I think we have a long season to do that.”

TSM’s final split in the LCS

The past few years have been quite an off-season and challenging rollercoaster ride for TSM fans. Yet, something that has been evident is how loyal the TSM fanbase can be despite these unexpected changes. In the final moments of the interview, Chime took the time to address the fans and thank all the TSM fans for sticking with the team through tough times.

“I think TSM fans have had a lot to digest throughout the past year and especially lately, so I just really appreciate the support I have received,” Chime said. “I know that there are a lot of fans that have questions, but I hope we can still show that we are a really strong team.”

While this will be TSM’s last split in the LCS, the team will still be able to qualify for Worlds 2023 and make their final split in the LCS memorable.

The LCS 2023 Summer Split will begin on June 1, 2023 where TSM’s first opponent will be Team Liquid to kickstart their final split.