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Wil Wheaton is set to host a new competition show to determine the ultimate GAMEMASTER, and it'll be airing this Summer on Amazon Prime Video.

The much-anticipated show, which survived the pandemic and faced multiple delays, will feature twelve talented amateur gamers competing for the prestigious title of GAMEMASTER, a grand prize of $1,000,000, and an ultimate gaming and streaming setup from AMD, Micro Center, and Xidax.

The ultimate GAMEMASTER will be determined by 25 games played over 10 episodes by 12 amateur gamers from the United States. In collaboration with the show creators, 18 game developers from all over the world have developed new and classic video game challenges. 11 of the 12 contestants have already been selected and will be announced soon. The final contestant will be chosen through a social media campaign over the next few weeks. 

The show is produced by Atlanta-based production company Peach Maria Productions and an experienced and dedicated team led by CEO Laurie Lockliear and showrunner Jacquie Dincauze (The Amazing Race, The Surreal Life, Tori & Dean: Inn Love). The original $100,000 prize package has been significantly increased due to the increasing interest and support of the show since it was first announced in 2020.

GAMEMASTER expands the esports industry by showcasing a diverse range of games and platforms, as the contestants will be playing PC, console, and mobile games in a variety of challenges developed by eighteen game developers from around the world. This inclusive approach appeals to a wider audience and demonstrates the limitless potential of esports.

The weekly ten-episode series will culminate in a live finale event in Atlanta, further solidifying its status as a must-watch competition show.