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Xset's Foreplay Golf Collab Looks to Shake Up Esports Org Merch

Xset co-founder Wil Eddins spoke to Esports Illustrated about the new golf collaboration merch drop launched by the company on August 24

The esports lifestyle brand Xset is slated to produce a new merch capsule centered around the sport of golf. The new “Foreplay” line features a unique golf-inspired take on the standard hats, hoodies and shirts of a typical esports merch drop while also including several golf-specific items. Xset co-founder and creative director, Wil Eddins, says that Xset is an “innovator in fashion and esports” and that it was important that they “represent and speak the language of where they see golf going”.

Over the past couple of years, Xset has made a name for itself as a brand that’s seeing growth amid the so-called “esports winter”. Their roster of partners and content creators stretches well beyond the realm of gaming and includes many traditional sports athletes like Nigel Sylvester and Adrian Colbert. But when asked about the Foreplay, Eddins said that it was the number of gaming professionals he knew who played golf that piqued his interest.

“I've been golfing for close to 12 years and I was introduced to golf through a lifestyle activation at a fashion trade show[…]and I started seeing that, a bunch of gamers or people that were in the industry, whether they're gamers or they're execs or, in the business of gaming, they were on the course.”

The items in the Foreplay capsule look like Carl’s GolfLand and Supreme had a baby. There’s a heavy lean into contemporary fashions like bucket hats and t-shirts, but there’s also a collection of head covers for all your clubs and towels to keep them clean. However, Xset isn’t the first esports organization to try and capture the convergence of gaming and golf. Earlier this year, 100 Thieves released their “Polo Capsule” which includes several branded shirts and golf tees that are made to be country club-ready. But Xset’s more fashion-forward look will surely turn heads in the clubhouse, and Eddins says that’s part of what Xset is all about.

You have CMC designed and Xset putter covers for the blade and mallet and also the designed [driver] head cover with the gamer anime girl on it. So these are just pushing the envelope and just showing our taste levels[…]We’re a lifestyle [brand] and we’re authentic to it.”

In addition to that, there are pieces featuring DJ Khaled who’s got a passion for the sport, to say the least. Also included are a few other items like caps, hoodies, and water bottles that should round out your ensemble for your day at the course. Not to be restricted by the dress codes of country clubs across the nation, there are plans to release collared shirts and shorts in Foreplay as well.

With that said, golf is still one of the most expensive sports around to play. According to, just a set of beginner clubs can cost you up to $600. That’s not counting green fees and lessons. This makes the sport somewhat cost-prohibitive for many people to play, especially youth. But Eddins feels that Xset makes all their apparel competitively priced and of a high enough quality that it’s worth the investment.

“Everything we're doing at Xset in general is priced at a very, let's just say cheaper price point for people to have access to it. We're not here to get rich off of gamers and fans of our organization with t-shirts, right? We just want people to have it in our closet. Walk around with it and be, and reppin’ the set, so to speak.”

When asked about how they plan on making golf more accessible to youth and golfing neophytes, Eddins says that he’s in talks with multiple organizations, including the NBA, to bring such events to fruition. Basketball has long had a friendly relationship with the fairways, as several NBA Legends like Steph Curry, Michal Jordan, and Ray Allen are all avid golfers.

Even though this is an experimental venture for Xset, Eddins believes that this is only the beginning of their forays into traditional sports. Where many other esports orgs are content to circle their wagons right now, he thinks that the future of gaming lifestyle brands is broader than just the keyboard.

“Our catchphrase or our calling is “rep the set” [...] We're gaming, we're showcasing lifestyle. We're doing things outwardly so people can be a part of our community and say that they are XSet. That's really what it is, man. Nobody wants to be excluded. ”