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Esports organization XSET has announced that Kristopher “Kris London” Obaseki and Cassius “CashNasty” Clay have been signed to its content creator roster to create some exclusive collaborations, content and merch drops.

"We are incredibly excited to welcome Kris London and CashNasty to the XSET family. Both Kris and Cash have built tremendous followings through their engaging content and unique personalities,” said XSET CEO Greg Selkoe in a press release. “Their passion for gaming, fashion, cooking and fitness and their ability to connect with fans align perfectly with XSET's mission. We believe that their addition to the SET will bring great new voices to our rapidly growing community.”

Kris London is a sports and gaming influencer with over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. He creates a lot of exclusive content with the NBA and its star players. CashNasty is also an NBA content creator known for his wild challenges that have garnered him over 4.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 900K on Twitch.

Kris London and CashNasty will be joining a pretty big team of influencers and content creators that include 44 musicians, pro athletes, gamers, and celebrities.

XSET Releasing Exclusive Kris London and CashNasty Merch


XSET is celebrating its latest partnership with some exclusive merchandise capsules with Kris London and CashNasty, both of which are meant to showcase their unique brands and personalities.

Kris London’s capsule is called “Range,” featuring a jersey, hoodie, and a t-shirt that says “Got Range?” CashNasty’s capsule is called “Essentials” and features an XSET Nasty tank, XSET logo socks, and Sin City swim trunks.

Both capsules will be available to purchase exclusively in XSET’s store.

On top of the merch, the partnership will also include exclusive content series for each YouTuber. The content series will be on brand for both content creators, allowing them to further engage fans on their channels. Both Kris London and CashNasty will be featured in upcoming XSET brand campaigns and will be spotted in further activations and content in the future.

"Partnering with XSET marks an incredible milestone in my content creation and gaming career,” said Kris London. “I've always been passionate about connecting with my audience through basketball and gaming, and joining forces with XSET allows me to take it to a whole new level. The opportunity to collaborate with such a forward-thinking organization that shares my values and vision is truly exciting.”

Added CashNasty: "Joining XSET is a very dope moment in my career. Being part of a dynamic and innovative gaming organization is an incredible opportunity to grow and expand my content in new and different ways. XSET's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique experiences perfectly aligns with what I do on my channel. Together, we will redefine gaming culture and inspire fans around the world. This is just the start, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish together."

XSET's talent roster features hip hop artists like Lil Wayne and Sae Lee as well as NFL and NBA superstars including Ezekiel Elliot and Deandre Ayton. Founded in 2020, XSET continues to create content for Gen Z gamers focused on music, fashion, and pop culture.