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Disney Lorcana Meta — Best Competitive Decks After First Tournaments

Breaking down the best Disney Lorcana decks at the first PPG tournament

Over Labor Day weekend, 64 competitive Disney Lorcana players gathered in Denver to compete in the first of three PPG tournaments, showcasing the current Lorcana meta before new cards drop later this year.

Here are the best decks to try out right now.

First Place: Anthony King — Amber Steel

Amber Steel disney lorcana tournament deck

This aggressive deck has an unstoppable blend of aggression and card draw. Disney Lorcana’s current cards do not allow for a lot of deck searching and draw power, which makes this deck a lot more streamlined than its competitors, allowing King to find the cards he needs faster than opponents can keep up. While building up his hand and board, King also had Simba — Protective Cub and Captain Hook — Forceful Duelist to keep the pressure going very early on.

Second Place: Jonathan Ball — Ruby Amethyst

ruby amethyst disney lorcana tournament deck

This dominating deck had two top-eight finishes thanks to its horrifying damage capabilities. Maleficent — Monstrous Dragon allows you to banish an enemy’s character, Elsa — Spirit of Winter essentially freezes two characters before their next turn, and Maui — Hero to All can challenge the turn its played. Basically, Ball was able to aggressively destroy his opponents’ boards and deny them of any lore once his ink was built up.

Third Place: Brooks Clark — Steel Amethyst

Steel Amethyst disney lorcana tournament deck

Steel Amethyst gave Clark complete control of the board, whether it was drawing cards, exerting opponents, or banishing items. The constant disruption was enough to steamroll many opponents, taking them off guard and ruining planned combos. On top of that, Clark was dealing a good amount of energy with Jafar — Keeper of Secrets and Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy while also creating some fun synergy with Mickey Mouse — Wayward Sorcerer and Magic Broom — Bucket Brigade.

Fourth Place: Ryan Miles — Emerald Amethyst

Emerald Amethyst disney lorcana tournament deck

This evasive deck was able to get ahead of a lot of opponents by creating a lot of tricky choices and creating tough situations. A lot of the characters are either focused on evasion like Tinker Bell — Most helpful or disrupt opponents when attacked like Kuzco — Temperamental Emperor and Jasper — Common Crook. Opponents either had to leave Miles’ board alone or trigger various attacks and helpful actions when they challenged him.

Fifth Place: Sam Cahill — Amber Amethyst

amber amethyst disney lorcana tournament deck

Draw power and aggression helped Cahill get in the top eight with his Amber Amethyst deck. Rafiki — Mysterious Sage could challenge opponents early on while Simba — Protective Cub kept his board safe while he built it up. Later on, Stitch — Carefree Surfer got him some extra cards and Elsa — Spirit of Winter stopped enemies from building up lore. He also had many items and actions that allowed him to draw more cards, allowing him to be consistent throughout his games.