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Disney Lorcana Set 2 Leaked Name — The Rise of the Floodborn

A promising leak has pointed to the most likely name of Disney Lorcana’s highly anticipated Set 2.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter has been a massive hit with collectors and competitive trading card game players alike. Now, the feverish community has been anxiously awaiting Set 2, lapping up anything they can learn about the upcoming characters, cards, and more.

Now, it looks like we are finally getting a possible name for Set 2.

Disney Lorcana: The Rise of the Floodborn: What Are Floodborn?

Many Disney Lorcana players and collectors feared the possibility of Set 2 having a name like The Second Chapter, which is far too expected and not nearly creative enough for such a whimsical card game.

Luckily, it looks like Disney Lorcana’s second set is most likely going to be called The Rise of the Floodborn.

The leak comes from a French site called Robin des Jeux that has the second set already titled in its store. The store also shows a lot of the upcoming characters, including Sisu from Raya and the Last Dragon, Mulan, and Winnie the Pooh. These characters have been confirmed by Ravensburger officially, making this current set name leak quite promising.

So what is a Floodborn? Lorcana’s characters all have a subtype you can see on the card. You’ll notice they are either categorized as Storyborn, Dreamborn, or Floodborn. The Storyborn characters are original Disney designs while Dreamborn characters are Lorcana’s spin on these classics. Floodborn refers to cards that include wild deviations from Disney’s original designs. For example, Hades — King of Olympus and Captain Hook — Thinking a Happy Thought.

Right now, there are only 12 Floodborn cards. If this set name is to be believed, it seems like more Floodborn cards should be expected in December, bringing us even more wild concepts that warp the original characters and stories.

Disney Lorcana actually has a pretty extensive lore already, revolving around a realm called the Great Illusionary. You use magical ink to create “glimmers” of existing Disney characters and items. If a ton of Floodborn cards are coming, this could mean that someone is using the power for something sinister or crazy. It will be interesting to see if Set 2 is actually called The Rise of the Floodborn anda learn more about what these cards mean for the lore of Lorcana.