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The Best Disney Lorcana Deck Builder — How to Use

Plan future decks, look for upgrades — get everything you need to know about how to use the best deckbuilder in Disney Lorcana,

Disney Lorcana is quickly building up hype in the competitive TCG world as strategy card game fans scramble to buy cards, build decks, and compete with each other online. If you’re wondering how to have an organized way to keep track of deck ideas, check out, an unofficial Disney Lorcana deck builder.

How to Use to Build a Deck

If you’re looking for a Disney Lorcana deck builder, is your solution.

It’s luckily very easy to use Dreamborn. Right when you go to the website, you’ll see the entire list of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter cards. From here you can choose from the following options:

  • Build a deck
  • Check out cards
  • Keep track of your physical collection
  • Look at existing deck concepts

First, create an account on Dreamborn, using your email or Google account. This will allow you to save your decks and collection.

If you want to build a deck, here’s how:

  • Either use filters, ink type, or simply type in the card you want to find
  • Add how many (1-4) you want to include in the deck
  • Once you have all your 60+ cards, press on Options
  • Click “Save” to keep the deck in your profile
  • Give the deck a name, description, and select the type

From here, you can share the deck list with others or even print it out to practice with proxies. Keep in mind that you can’t use proxies in official tournaments but it’s a great way to practice.

How to Use to Track Your Collection

You can also use Dreamborn to track the physical cards you’ve pulled from booster packs or purchased as singles online. Once you’ve logged in, go to the Collections page and then select the set you want to track.

After that, use the search bar to find the exact card you’re looking for or go through the list and indicate how many you have in your physical collection. After that, you’ll be able to press Save to keep track of your collection online.

How to Use to Get Deck Ideas

A really useful feature of is finding existing decks to get inspiration from. Click on Decks on the top menu on the far right. From here, click on Popular Decks to check out the best decks that other Disney Lorcana players have made and shared on Dreamborn.

If you like one, you can press Options and then select Duplicate to put it in your own deck list or Share. Once you have a copy in your own profile, you can make whatever changes you’d like to the deck list.