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Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands Introduces Locations — Release Date, Characters

The third Disney Lorcana set has been revealed and will include cards from DuckTales and Treasure Planet. Into the Inklands will release on February 23, 2024

It’s only been a week since Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn came out and Ravensburger has already announced an entirely new product that will change competitive gameplay once again: locations.

On Twitter, Into the Inklands was revealed. This set will include Disney IPs like DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Treasure Planet. It will also introduce location cards.

When Is Into the Inklands Coming Out?

The new set will become available at local game shops on February 23, 2024, and mass retail locations will get the set on March 8, 2024.

Like the previous two sets, Into the Inklands will have booster packs, starter decks, special collections, and merch based on the characters highlighted in the cards.

What are Locations in Disney Lorcana?

Into the Inklands is going to introduce a brand new element to the TCG: locations. Location cards will “add a twist to gameplay,” according to Ravensburger.

One location has been shared, Forbidden Mountain — Maleficent's Castle. It’s currently unclear how location cards will fully work, but we can guess that it takes 2 ink to play the location and that this particular location also has 6 willpower. There’s a new symbol on the left, however, that we are not aware of. It’s also still a mystery what impact the locations will have once they are active.

Forbidden Mountan location card in Disney Lorcana

“This set will change up your game with a brand-new element: location cards!” the official site reads. “Discover new landscapes as you venture across the Inklands in search of lore that was scattered by the recent flood. These locations add a whole new dimension of gameplay and a fresh new spin to every deck.”

What Cards are in Into the Inklands?

disney_lorcana set 3

Right now, Ravensburger hasn’t revealed what movies and shows will be featured in the third set aside from DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Treasure Planet. We haven’t been shown any cards from the set except for the location card above.

The response to the new set has been mixed. Many Disney Lorcana fans are pumped to get so much information about the next set so soon and are expecting more news in the coming weeks. They also are asking for some card reveals. Others, however, are getting a bit exhausted from the constant barrage of new merch and information. They are fearing a burnout, especially with product so hard to get in some areas.

Said one concerned fan: “Respectfully, guys, it's been less than a week since RotF's retail release. Most people still can't even buy product. Don't you think it's a little early for this? The nonstop spoiler cycle is what causes burnout. Please don't kill this game by overdoing things like this.”