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100 Thieves Announces Pokémon Collab — How and When to Buy Merch

Get ready to collect 'em all. The 100 Thieves Pokémon collab has been officially announced.

100 Thieves has officially announced a collaboration with Pokémon that will provide esports fans with some exciting merch. 

Last week, 100 Thieves hinted at a possible Pokémon collab by putting Pikachu on their logo outside of their Los Angeles headquarters. This immediately got the attention of esports fans but nobody was quite sure what the collaboration would entail. Would it be merch? And if so, what kind of merch? 

Now we know thanks to a press release from 100 Thieves. 

100 Thieves Collaborates with Pokémon On Fashion Merch

In a press release sent by 100 Thieves, it's been confirmed that the anticipated Pokémon collaboration is focused on merch. And more specifically, it's looking to be fashion-forward merch. 

The collection will be cut-and-sew pieces by 100 Thieves that are focused on craftsmanship and style. Each piece will evoke "the adventurous spirit of a Pokémon journey." 

The upcoming merch includes: 

  • 3-Layer Waterproof Nylon Jacket featuring Blastoise
  • Knit Cardigan featuring Charmander
  • Charizard Corduroy Pants
  • Pikachu Sherpa Pullover
  • Bulbasaur Technical Vest
  • Pikachu Varsity Jacket made by San Francisco legends Golden Bear Sportswear
Pokemon 100 Thieves collaboration

100 Thieves

What's neat about these pieces is that each article of clothing seems inspired by the Pokémon that will be featured. For example, a waterproof jacket works perfectly with Blastoise, a powerful Water-type Pokémon. Meanwhile, Charmander will be on a knit cardigan, keeping esports fans warm. 

The clothing also shows off a variety of fashionable trends instead of just focusing on the tired jerseys of esports orgs past. Similar to Team Liquid and FaZe Clan, 100 Thieves has continued to create stylish merch that will fit seamlessly into fans' regular wardrobe. This includes a pullover, corduroy pants, a knit cardigan, a technical vest, and a varsity jacket. 

On top of the above pieces, 100 Thieves has confirmed that there will be four core t-shirts featuring Pikachu and five hoodies that will have either Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, or Gengar. 

"The collaboration with Pokémon celebrates the beloved franchise as well as 100 Thieves’ premium lifestyle apparel," says Nadeshot, Founder of 100 Thieves. "This collection is our way of blending the excitement of Pokémon with the contemporary style and performance that fans expect from 100 Thieves."

When Is the Pokémon Collection Releasing?

The apparel collection will become available on February 10, 2024. The merch will drop at exactly 12 PM PST at that time. 

100 Thieves Pokemon Gengar hoodie

Where Can You Buy 100 Thieves x Pokémon Merch?

 The Pokémon collection will be on 100 Thieves' official website. The collection will have its own section of the site you can check out.