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How to Unlock All Achievements in Palworld

Between torturing your Pals and waiting anxiously for your resources to be farmed, there are some achievements you can unlock in the suspiciously familiar Palworld survival game.

Palworld has been getting a lot of viral attention for its purposefully Pokémon-inspired creatures that you can essentially work to death. Otherwise, the survival game is pretty typical gameplay-wise and that means it also has achievements to unlock. Here are all of the achievements in Palworld.

Palworld Game Achievements Explained

No matter if you’re playing Palworld through Steam, Xbox, or Microsoft’s Game Pass, you can unlock the following achievements to add to your gamerscore. If you’re a completionist, that is.

To unlock achievements in Palworld, you need to complete certain tasks. In Palworld, they are pretty simple. Right now, there are only 10 total achievements, but you should expect more to crop up once the game is past Early Access.

All Palworld Achievements

  1. Caught Pal for the first time
  2. Defeated Zoe and Grizzbolt
  3. Defeated Lily and Lyleen
  4. Defeated Marcus and Faleris
  5. Defeated Axel and Orserk
  6. Defeated Victor and Shadowbeak
  7. Caught 10 different types of Pals
  8. Caught 20 different types of Pals
  9. Caught 50 different types of Pals
  10. Caught 90 different types of Pals
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As you can see, these are not the most complex or surprising achievements. Still, it can take a bit of time to defeat some of these bosses and find that many Pal types. Right now, there are over 111 Pal types in Palworld.

And yes, all of them will look strangely familiar.