Disney Lorcana Players Call for Bucky Ban

Is Bucky broken? And if so, will the card be banned at competitive challenges?

The Disney Lorcana competitive community is conflicted over whether Bucky — Squirrel Squeaker Tutor should be the first banned card in the TCG.

Bucky has you and your opponent both choose a card in your hand to discard every time a Floodborn card is played. With the Ward ability, Bucky can't be challenged which keeps Bucky's power in play even longer. As a TCG with bad draw power, continuously discarding resources from your hand is a huge problem.

Many Disney Lorcana players have called for Bucky to be banned since the card is making the game feel unfun and unbalanced. Decks that focus on discard as its main strategy are unfavorable to play against — it feels bad. Also, most of the answers to Bucky — cards that can easily remove him, ignore him, or protect hands — are in Steel decks. This has made all other deck types feel irrelevant in the current meta.

Bucky Disney Lorcana TCG

Will Bucky Be Banned From Disney Lorcana?

Ravensburger has announced a new season full of more challenges as Disney Lorcana continues to grow its competitive scene. With these events on the way, a lot of players are wondering if Bucky will be removed to make the game feel healthier and more balanced for these tournaments.

Bucky feels incredibly exhausting and oppressive to play against. It feels a bit like a trolly mill deck. During recent tournaments, seeing Bucky in the finals put many Lorcana players on the "ban Bucky" train. But will Bucky actually be banned?

Most likely not.

The biggest issue with Bucky is that he has Ward. His stats may seem weak and his ability isn't too upsetting, but adding Ward makes the card a real bummer. Your opponent has to immediately focus on countering Bucky due to this and some decks don't have many answers, including Ruby. A lot of decks are forced to include certain cards or switch strategies just to have a chance against decks with Bucky.

Still, some players feel that banning Bucky is too dramatic. When one player asked for a petition to be signed in an attempt to get Bucky banned, some Lorcana fans accused them of just not having enough answers to deal with the card. Some players feel that there are still answers for getting rid of Bucky from play.

So maybe Bucky should be limited?

Right now, Ravensburger has not responded to the growing concern over Bucky. It's possible that future expansions will include cards that are direct answers to the Bucky problem or they may limit the amount of use Bucky can get in a game. But it's tough to say what will happen in the near future regarding the troublesome card.

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