Disney Lorcana Packs Accidentally Have Promos (Again)

These rare cards are definitely post-worthy pulls.

Disney Lorcana has become a massive hit with collectors, from avid fans who want every Mickey Mouse card there is to pack opening addicts who hope to hit big. The trading card game is irresistible thanks to its stunning card art featuring iconic Disney characters. Now, packs might have something even more surprising.

Once again, it looks like the Disney Lorcana packing center has messed up and put some promo cards in its packs. This has created an even bigger incentive for collectors to rush to card shops and grab all of the Ursula's Return packs they can get their hands on.

The surprising pull was shared on Twitter, showing a lucky Lorcana player holding Ursula — Sea Witch Queen. But it's not just any version of Ursula — Sea Witch Queen, it's the Championship Promo Set 1 version! Released on May 17 along with the rest of Ursula's Return, this promo is rare and hard to get because it's not usually found in packs!

How Do You Get Promos in Disney Lorcana?

Promo cards are not supposed to be found inside packs. Instead, promo cards are meant to be given sparingly to players that participate in local hobby shop's tournaments as well as larger competitions. They have also been given out at special events like conventions and conferences.

The scarcity of promo cards has made them quite valuable to collectors. Especially this early on in the game, you won't find these promos too easily. Pulling one from a pack is quite shocking and definitely lucky.

However, this isn't the first time it's happened. According to Lorcana News, this happened a few sets back when collectors started pulling the Stitch — Rockstar with promo art in packs. Woops!

For now, Ravensburger hasn't commented on the mistake and it's unclear just how many promo arts of this card are in the Ursula's Return packs.

Olivia Richman


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