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Esports Illustrated, the leading destination covering the world of esports and competitive gaming, and FITGMR, the trailblazing performance and player development company present a groundbreaking and highly significant initiative: "WellPlayed: Healthy Gamer Month." This series kicks off Esports Illustrated’s Health and Wellness section where fans can learn more about forming healthy habits. WellPlayed is designed to empower gamers with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their lives, fostering healthier gaming practices, both physically and mentally. It's not just about becoming better gamers; it's about becoming better individuals and striking the perfect balance between passion and self-care.

Combining Wellness, Fitness and Gaming

WellPlayed: Healthy Gamer Month invites all to embrace a new era of gaming, one where vitality and well-being take center stage. This is more than an event; it's a testament to the transformative power of esports when paired with a commitment to personal growth and wellness.

Throughout the month, gamers will be invited to join weekly fitness challenges that target different aspects of a healthy gamer lifestyle. Fans can expect a fitness challenge video each week featuring major professional esports teams, including Cloud9 and the Cincinnati Fear, and winning collegiate esports programs that have embraced a new level of performance, one that incorporates player health. Fans can join in with #WellPlayed.

From CEO & Co-Founder Kristin Anderson, “With a shared commitment to fostering personal growth and well-being, our month-long campaign with Esports Illustrated will provide gamers with cutting-edge strategies and holistic approaches to optimize their performance – both physically and mentally. What excites me most about this campaign is the content we will be sharing over the course of the month. It is an amazing representation of the potential of esports and inspiring beyond words. We're grateful to Esports Illustrated for their leadership and commitment to the broader gaming community.”

Join the Movement

WellPlayed: Healthy Gamer Month invites fans to join our weekly fitness challenge on social media with the hashtag #WellPlayed. Download the FITGMR app and get a free 7-day trial. During Healthy Gamer Month, sign up for an exclusive, discounted rate of just $0.99 for a month, and $9.99 per year - a fraction of the cost. Share your activity from any of the 5 Pillars of Health for a chance to win the title of FITGMR Ambassador — get your workout featured in the FITGMR App and get $500 to purchase some new workout gear!

To join the movement, check out WellPlayed on Esports Illustrated ( and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


FITGMR, Inc. is a leading esports technology, performance and player development company dedicated to helping esports athletes, teams, and organizations reach their full potential. Through its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive coaching curriculum, FITGMR helps players and coaches at all levels of competition improve their skills and achieve their goals. The FITGMR Training Grounds has furnished more players to the professional and semi-professional scene as coaches, players, and in esports careers than any other training organization.

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